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  1. 9 minutes ago, WideNine said:


    Loud rallies do not translate into overwhelming popular vote.


    All the scanning nonsense shows an ignorance of how voting machines work that borders on the criminal.


    The voter selects their preferred candidates, the machine prints out a paper copy that has the voter's unique voter registration id and selection. The voter can compare the paper record with their electronic choices.


    The same goes for mail-in ballots scan and still have an paper audit trail. 


    Now you count what the machines have. If there is any need to audit the electronic records you just count the paper copies and compare those to the machine tallies. It is not complicated.


    Already explained the jump in Biden votes. No court has found any evidence of any fraud. It is just dumb to spread conjecture and cast unfounded doubt on this election just because you don't like the result.








    Sure thing - I believe every word you as a Trump-hater wrote.

  2. On 12/31/2020 at 12:38 AM, Augie said:


    If there were just two items on the menu, I’d have to give this one some thought. I’ve had some bad wings lately and have kind of given up on even trying. Why is it so hard? I’ve had GREAT wings at a tail gate. Why is it a professional chef in an actual restaurant can not get this right? 


    Not sure how Tops offers them, but it shouldn’t be so hard! Publix has decent fried chicken, but wings need to be fresh and crispy. I won’t touch their wings. 


    Find a decent Taco Mac near you and get em double extra crispy. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    I tell people who are very political this all the time.  No matter who wins I'm still going to make my own coffee tomorrow morning and pry until I die no matter what color hat the president wears.  Election integrity is the core of democracy.  I agree.  Instead of focusing on vote counting problems that could swing hundreds of votes in states (usually what they find in audits or recounts), Trump is deciding to gaslight conspiracy theories of voter fraud that are easily debunked.  His supporters are buying it because he's an excellent salesman.  That's my problem with all of this nonsense.


    With all due respect, the voter fraud theories (especially with absentee voting) have some merit.


    When I hear than Biden got more votes than any Presidential candidate in history, I wonder why he only won 477 counties. Obama in 2008 won 873 counties and got less votes.


    When I look at the leads Trump had on election night and then saw them all evaporate after 1am, I don't need Trump to tell me something didn't smell right. Some of the decreases in leads might be explained by absentee votes, but not at a rate that would enable Biden to win. 


    When I see poll workers scanning the same boxes of ballots multiple times, it raises alarms.


    When I see vote counting stopping in some states after 1am or so, it raises alarms.


    When I saw Republican poll watchers either turned away or kept at a distance where they couldn't see ballots, that raises an alarm. 


    When I hear it's possible to change ballots with the Dominion voting software, it raises alarms.


    When I read about Dominion contracts with multiple contested states, it raises alarms. 


    When I hear multiple reputable statisticians say it was a statistical improbability for Biden to win at 1am after being down so much, it raises alarms.


    When I read that Fulton County GA has more registered voters than folks eligible to vote, it raises alarms. 


    When I see Twitter/Facebook suppressing conservatives and the MSM covering up for the left and Democrats, it raises serious alarms. Hunter Biden's laptop should have been covered by all networks but it wasn't. Everything Trump said or did was negatively reported by all media. Trump was the enemy of the MSM for all 4 years in office. How much negative press did Biden/Harris get leading up to the election ? 


    And also leading up to the election, I saw thousands and thousands of people attending Trump rallies in multiple states. With Biden, I saw very little campaigning/enthusiam, calling early AM "lids" and very little visible support at the rallies he did attend. That raises major alarms. 


    Read Peter Navarro's "The Art of the Steal" ...

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  4. 17 minutes ago, WideNine said:


    Sure daddy Trump gave him seed money, but he lost it over and over hence his well-earned reputation for being serially bankrupt and constantly borrowing money.


    What Trump has mastered is the art of laundering money through his casinos and his real estate holdings.


    Don't be shocked when the lawsuits start rolling in after he is no longer able to hide behind the office of the Presidency and the legal shield that has afforded him.


    Trump works tirelessly for Trump and his inner circle of family and friends - he does not have the capacity for the kind of empathic values you ascribe to him.


    If he did, he would stop taking the lion's share of the money the duped MAGA folks keep shelling out for lawsuits doomed to fail so he can pump them into his super pac LLCs and fork millions over to his daughter in the form of dubious consulting fees.


    But keep feeding at the trough of Trump lies and getting scammed. He just wants power and more of your money.


    I am not a huge Biden fan, but I would have voted for anything not Donald Trump.






    Funny, I don't see the Biden wealth mentioned in your reply. 


    Do you have proof Trump is laundering money through his casinos and real estate holdings ? 


    If so, I would assume he's been doing that for years long before he became POTUS. Why was he not charged ? 


    You say Trump works tirelessly for his family - guess we could attribute that quote to Biden as well.  Do you work tirelessly for your family ? I certainly hope so. 


    Ivanka Trump is intelligent, well-spoken, confident and I have no issue with her collecting consulting fees for her work. She has done a world of good for women's rights throughout the world during the last 4 years. 


    Not sure why you think Trump wants my money - he is the only president to donate his entire salary over the entire 4 years to a worthy charity. He has lowered my taxes. I'm more concerned about Biden raising my taxes to feed big government for various reasons. Big government has proven time and time again they are inept. 


    And the real lies come from the bi-partisan swamp that is our Congress. Many of them are afraid if what might be exposed if Trump stays in power. How many congressmen/women do you believe have not received some form of kickback from lobbyists or special interest groups for promoting policy decisions ? 

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  5. 1 minute ago, WideNine said:


    Interesting that you feel Biden is the life-long grifter. How much of Trump's legal and financial history are you aware of?


    He is the epitome of serial carnivsl barking grifter....oh wait, you aren't one of those that watched "the Apprentice" and thought that was reality?


    It's a pity how easily poorly informed and deluded the average US citizen is.


    Just how many bankrupsies, broken commitments, and lawsuits you think Trump and his over 500 LLCs shell companies have been a part of?





    Joe Biden grew up poor in Scranton - how does a guy on a congressional salary afford all of the homes he has ? Trump grew up rich - I get it ... you don't like his personality and I don't either most times. But it's about getting the job done and working tirelessly for us - not foreign governments. If you believe any of what was found on Hunter Biden's laptop, Joe received millions via Hunter for foreign business dealings. For Joe to claim "look at my tax returns" if you don't believe me, you'd have to be an idiot to declare illegal $ on your tax return. How many companies has Trump opened and how many went bankrupt ? Are you aware there are different reasons for filing bankruptcy ? Doesn't necessarily mean you have no money - I think Trump will be OK once leaving office. 

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  6. 10 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    A little reality check. I am greatly disturbed by the latest Trump assault on the electoral process, and how our very system of government has been shown to depend on the integrity of just a few men and women. This is an awful precedent. Once the can of worms has been opened it can't be closed again. We will see this again. 2024, 2028 ... oh, it will happen again.


    But for tomorrow: 

    - I highly doubt Pence will go full Trump. I expect him to do his constitutional duty.

    - If he is even more cowardly and sycophantic than I think, and if he tries to pull that "send the certificates back to the states for clarification" ruse, I would expect the Biden campaign and/or at least some of the states to go directly to the Supreme Court. And I would expect the Supreme Court to clarify Pence's duty, and to disallow any maneuver to circumvent the law. They've already signaled this in their quick dismissal of the Texas lawsuit. And unless Trump is willing to ignore a Supreme Court ruling, that will be the end of it.


    SCOTUS dismissed the Texas suit due to lack of standing in the contested states - not due to the substance of the suit. 


    I don't know what SCOTUS would do if Biden chose to sue, but I'm sure it will work itself out. 


    Regardless, election integrity is at question here and IMO, the only way to ensure it is voter ID. 


    5 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    About as much as 2016 when Trump won those states by similar margins to Hillary.  The only real difference is Hillary didn't fight the results with frivolous lawsuits like Trump is.


    And there were no clandestine vote dumps in the middle of the night in 2016 IIRC ... 


    4 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    You mean the guy who invited Bill and Hillary to his (third) wedding?  Just 10 years before he launched his campaign against her mother?





    What does his wedding have to do with his political aspirations ? Do you think he would have beaten Hillary in the Dem primary ? 

  7. Just now, TBBills said:

    What will be your excuse when repubtards lose with voter IDs... Where is the evidence? Why would she resign her seat? You do know it isn't the 20th yet. Pence is gonna piss you off tomorrow.


    Dude, my life is not going to change tomorrow or in the next 4 years. If the Republicans were to  lose with voter ID, it obviously means their candidates or platform was not favored by voters. But election integrity is the core of democracy and only legitimate votes should count. Like I said earlier and when I lived in WNY, I was a registered Democrat that leaned more independent. Voted for Carter / Reagan twice / Bush Sr / Clinton twice / Bush Jr twice / Obama / Romney / Trump twice. If the Republicans had drifted more to the right, I may have voted differently. Trump was a better option to me than Biden. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Tiberius said:

    Iran, you mean that country that wasn’t building a bomb until Trump came along? 


    Voting, and counting the votes. 


    How do you know they weren't building a bomb ? Obama gave them $150 billion. Do you think they didn't want to destroy Israel pre-Trump ?


    And I'm all for counting legal votes - let's all get a voter ID so we all vote once and in the state we're registered. If Biden won the election fair and square, why wouldn't he welcome all vote audits, both machine and paper and say so publicly. If if Biden/Harris are so sure about his win, why hasn't Kamala Harris resigned her Senate seat ? 

    4 minutes ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    One of the most obnoxious things Trumpies do: co-opt the language of their adversaries.

    RINO traditionally would've applied to TRUMP: a long-time Democrat, huge contributor to Democratic politicians, who suddenly calls himself a Republican to run in their primary. And look at what he is: unabashedly big government, pro-huge deficits, against any changes to entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security ... all the things that would have fit within the Democratic Party platform when he was one of them. And now add to that "contempt for states' rights in the electoral process."

    And now the people who have been real Republicans for a long time - think Mitt Romney (a budget hawk, committed to limiting the size and scope of the federal government, etc., etc.) are, paradoxically, dismissed as RINOs.

    And this not-so-clever switcheroo works. On the not so clever.


    Trump was a Democrat when the party was more centric and not drifting way to the left as it is now. The Democratic platform has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.

  9. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    Look, the bottom line is this: Orange man IS bad.

    He has now proven that he is willing to do anything to try to hold onto power. You could make the argument up until about the time the "perfect call" emerged that people just disliked his demeanor, his brusque NYC ways. But ever since that time he seems hell-bent on proving his critics right. He is willing to bulldoze his way back into another 4 year term, and the only thing standing between Trump and his ambition is the integrity of Mike Pence and perhaps the Supreme Court.


    BS, any candidate with a spine will stand up to election fraud. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Tiberius said:

    Rather be gender studies than radical Islam studies. 

    Orange man against democracy. He’s a bad bad man. Hopefully he dies soon 


    Don't worry - you'll be giving mega $ to Iran soon for radical Islam studies and Biden will have you at war soon. 

    Do tell us your definition of democracy and how Trump is against it. 

  11. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    Should Twitter be sued for allow The Real Donald Trump to keep tweeting/retweeting wild conspiracy theories?

    I could live with that.


    Sure if also we allow them to be sued for the Russian collusion BS, Kavanaugh BS, fake impeachment and many other conspiracy theories. 

  12. Just now, The Frankish Reich said:

    Well, that's legislation. Like the section 230 repeal language Trump wanted to tie to the defense reauthorization.


    Not to the extent that was forced into the Covid bill. How much would repealing Section 230 cost ? Could we use the $14 million we sent to Pakistan for gender studies ? When the mainstream and social media become partisan, it Is time to take action. 

    Just now, wAcKy ZeBrA said:


    Indeed. The party that received fewer votes whined louder.  Pretty similiar IMO


    I certainly wonder how loud the Democrats would be squealing now about election fraud has Trump won MI/WI/GA/PA and a few others. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    Interesting the study focused on only those four states.


    Correct - normal battleground states, not ones where either candidate was expected to win handily.


    2 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    Special interest crap and they should've done a separate covid relief bill like the House passed a couple months earlier.


    Special interest crap inserted by the Democrat controlled House.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    There's lots of problems with that study.  The most glaring be that all the mail in ballots that were counted as a 50/50 shot of going for Trump or Biden.  Biden won the mail in ballots by a significant margin in most states.  A statistical professor could use that probability study in how NOT to do statistical analysis.  The disinformation out there pushed by bad actors on various social media platforms to confirm people's cognitive bias is why our country is completely screwed.  Nobody will believe the results of the runoff today.


    Significant margin, but not at a percentage high enough to overcome Trump's leads.  

  15. 1 minute ago, WideNine said:


    They are not dumps, they are called mail-in ballots and because repubtards refused to let those ballots be precanvassed (that means counted prior to election night) those votes mostly for Biden lagged behind the initial counts.


    This was already debunked several times and has not held up in any court or post-election audit.


    Man, you Trump cultists need to take a break from conspiracy fantasy land.


    The orange buffoon lost.




    No, actually you lost - you elected a lifetime grifter that will lock you down even more than your are you and sell out to foreign countries for a $. Good luck with big government when they can't even pass a Covid bill to help citizens. 

  16. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    And let's not dodge the context in which this whole "Pence can reject the certifications" theory.

    - Trump is openly pressuring him to do so

    - Trump's supporters are not so vaguely threatening him with execution (I'm not making this up; see what I just posted in the infamous "Q" thread) if he doesn't do it

    If somehow this happens we are into full banana republic territory. I don't think most Americans realize how dangerous this is, that the President is openly entertaining these takeover notions. Not just entertaining them; supporting them.


    And you think the Democrats condoning all of the Antifa and BLM riots while locking law-abiding citizens down is not moving into banana republic territory ?

    Just now, The Frankish Reich said:

    Nothing "early" about onset at 78 years old.

    But setting aside your failure to properly recite the talking points your little tweeters give you ... yes, a lot of Americans - 7 million more than voted for the other guy - think it's worth taking a chance on a 78 year old lifer just to get a corrupt fool out of the White House.


    Sorry you just lost credibility with your insult. Good luck to you with the old fool. Hope you get your open borders, packed Supreme Court, amnesty, college loan reimbursement and all of the other free ***** you want. Bye.

  17. 1 minute ago, The Frankish Reich said:

    And the statements of Senators who plan to contest the electoral certificates don't even mention any proof of fraud. They mention "unprecedented ALLEGATIONS of fraud." So because Trump and enough of his minions allege things often enough and loudly enough, I guess that's sufficient to overcome the certified results the states have submitted.


    No it's up to them to prove there's enough fraud to send the certificate back to the states. We will see. 


    As far as being a minion, does that make members of your party Pelosi minions, or Hillary minions or something else ? Basically your party is about ABT (anyone but Trump). I get it - I don't have to like him personally to approve of what he's accomplished in 47 months or so. Kinda like working for a boss that you don't really like but gets things done. If JFK had been running against Trump, I might have voted for him. But the Democrats are too far left now. 

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