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  1. 2 minutes ago, TroutDog said:

    This is a picture of my spinal cord. My foramen have been sawed off and cadaver bone is about to be placed in their stead. Prior to the surgery I seriously did not want to live, my pain was so extreme. 

    I’m not a professional football player and have never been. I did, however, serve and took a serious beating. What I IMMEDIATELY saw when Mahomes tried to get up was a human being in distress. Seriously injured. Anyone who watched could see it. 

    I wish him absolutely nothing but the best but truly pray that he (and every professional athlete) thinks about the long term ramifications. As I now tell my kids, “What you do now will echo throughout the rest of your life.” He is clearly in danger. 

    I tried to attach a pic of my recent x-ray but it wouldn’t let me. 



    My sympathy for what you went through but they showed Mahomes running back into the locker room. Do you really think he's seriously injured or just got a neck stinger of some sort ? 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, TBBills said:

    The freethinkers of America, the democratic party. 


    You only do what Trump tells you to do which is why you are here right now defending this *****.


    I'm not defending anyone - just calling a spade a spade. As for freethinkers, chopping up baby parts for resale does not require any thought.

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  3. Just now, TBBills said:

    Pelosi? Hahahaha I never mentioned that B word once. Wrong again, mindless horde of Trump.


    If you hurry, you might be able to get the last few doses of TDS medication at your local Walgreens. That is if you have $ left after the corpse raises your taxes.

  4. Just now, TBBills said:

    Wrong again, mindless horde of Trump. Watch out your string is caught on something... Trump's finger.





    Watch out - your head is up Pelosi's ass - your party is the reason for the moral decline in this country - a real life full term abortion. Tell us in 4 years how your life has improved numbnuts.

  5. 1 minute ago, TBBills said:

    Wrong wrong and you are ***** stupid. This is why you are brainwashed b.c you are mindless and useless. 


    Always everyone else's fault but the Repubtards, well your party is dieing and you are no longer going to control anything.


    Your amoral POS party won't last long - we shall see won't we ? 

    Just now, TBBills said:

    Wrong again like usual for a mindless horde of Trump. 


    Are you stuck in dreary Buffalo ? Should get out more ...

  6. 2 minutes ago, TBBills said:

    The Dems don't control those people, that is what your dumb ass doesn't understand, those are just idiots and criminals.


    These people are acting like this from being brainwashed by a corrupt man who needs to be put in jail for inciting terrorism on our capital. Trump created these people. You should know better than posting some stupid ass response like that. 


    Really ? Who financed all of their activities and what side of the fence is Soros on ?  Effing hypocrites ...


    1 minute ago, Coach Tuesday said:

    Go away.  The President did not incite those people.  Brainless response.


    As are most liberal responses - not one Dem leader ever condemned any of their actions. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, TBBills said:

    Armed standoff at door of the house floor.


    Trump needs to call back his mindless horde. He won't b.c it's the only part of his ego he has left.


    Why didn't the Dems call back their mindless BLM and Antifa hordes during all of the violence, looting and thuggery a few months back ? 



  8. 1 minute ago, SoTier said:


    Russia maybe. 



    If Trump just left quietly and went into retirement to play golf and squabble with the Palm Beach locals, he might have some legal troubles in New York that could cost him $$$ in fines, but as long as he wants to stay active in politics, the  NY AG Letitia James and Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance are going to play hard ball and seek prison time for him.


    Who's gonna seek prison time for Biden selling out to the Chinese with his crackhead son and brother ? 

  9. Just now, TBBills said:

    He isn't a patriot... He cares about Money and EGO. Which is why he is hell bent on trying to commit voter fraud.


    Sure he has a big ego - so does Biden and most other politicians and he cares about $ as well. As I said earlier, I don't love Trump but he was the better choice to me over Biden who lined his own pockets with foreign money and has a crackhead loser for a son. 

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  10. Just now, TBBills said:

    Who really gives a *****, oh yeah you guys do. Yet you love Trump who is the worst person in America, all the while he doesn't give a ***** about... America.


    I don't love Trump but he is a patriot and a nationalist. He's done more for black America than Obama ever did and he was 1/2 black. It's a mystery to me what you guys actually want. 

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