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  1. 9 hours ago, Eastport bills said:

    It was a DUI and that is a felony. Reid has some soul searching to do. If the kid, God forbid dies, we're talking vehicular homicide. 


    DUIs are not always felonies otherwise there would be a boatload of people that would be disqualified from a lot of jobs. 


    Simple case search here tells me his DUI was a misdemeanor. 




  2. 12 minutes ago, Eastport bills said:


    When you are convicted of a  drug felony and are released, you are tested for drugs and alcohol by provisions of parole. This violent criminal, who got hired as a coach in the NFL ,,without regard to. his criminal history through nepotism, should have been tested like players are for drugs and steroids constantly.  The behavior clause in most NFL contracts should apply to a coach with a criminal record and alcohol abuse. Maybe this dangerous,oblivious act might have been avoided. I'm sure the parents of these children would agree with better oversight.





    I share your concerns about the oversight, but I believe his drug conviction was a misdemeanor and the gun charge was a felony. Since they happened back in 2007 or so, he might have been on probation for awhile that eventually ended. Drug testing is certainly possible and may even be in Reid's contract, but how do you test someone for alcohol abuse ? 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Eastport bills said:

    If Andy's boy doesn't do real time our justice system is laughable. Andy obviously has plenty of culpability in this knucklehead jerk getting employed after pulling a gun in a road rage incident and then getting a DUI a few years ago. NFL players who are rightfully sensitive to racial injustices, need to come out and slam this behavior. A little child is fighting for life , and this privileged drunk has been enabled to threaten innocent lives by an oblivious TV football icon, who has insulated him from scrutiny.  Reid has already lost a son to drug addiction. I think he should be sanctioned by the league for allowing his criminal ,maniac son to work in the league without rehabilitation and monitoring. 


    He has been to rehab multiple times and apparently been clean since his arrests in PA. Clean meaning no substance abuse convictions or DUIs. 

    How would Andy Reid or the organization go about monitoring his son ?  Addicts are very good are hiding their addictions.

  4. 1 hour ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    I don't think the Bills are in the market to trade a pick and pay $4.7M for a clipboard holder.

    Allegedly 4 teams have enquired about his availability:



    The Toronto Argonauts, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders ... who's the 4th ? 

  5. 5 minutes ago, first_and_ten said:

    This is exactly right. The game is so far down on the list. When will people learn? DON'T Drink and Drive!!!!!!!!!!!! In the age of Uber and Lift, how can people make the decision to drive after drinking? So Effing Selfish!!!


    Unfortunately, don't drink and drive is not a black or white answer for a lot of people and I throw no stones as I did it many times in my youth. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, JohnNord said:

    Many of the ADHD symptoms change as people get older.  So things like hyperactivity and impulsiveness aren’t as bad of an issue with adults as they can be in children.  His past, does make we wonder whether he truly needed or if he wanted it for recreational use.  

    And if the Reids were cool with him drinking thinking “well at least he won’t overdose.”  Then they are enablers and bear some of the responsibility for what happened.


    Of course, having an addict for a child probably puts you in a terrible position 


    I doubt the Reids are cool with Britt Reid drinking as they are Mormons. Britt is 35 now and should be able to function in society without his parents watching his every move. I suspect he was hiding his drinking from Andy and the rest of the family. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    What interests me is the phrase in the warrant for the blood draw "a computer check revealed ... multiple prior DUI contacts"


    I think that means Britt Reid has been pulled over in KC multiple times on suspicion of DUI but for some reason, never charged or prosecuted.



    Couldn't this also mean that Pennsylvania has reciprocity with Missouri and his previous DUI convictions show up in the system ? 

  8. 9 hours ago, JohnNord said:

    I get that - but there are so many other ways to treat ADHD, especially with adults.  

    Considering his past I’m not sure why the doctor would prescribe something other than a recreational drug.  It’s definitely kind of sketchy 


    IIRC, Britt Reid was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance attributable to ADHD. He relapsed quite a few times so I suspect Andy and his wife were wiling to try anything to keep him from overdosing like their other son. I have no idea about the other ways to treat ADHD so I'll take your word on it. 

    6 hours ago, White Linen said:

    I don't see anywhere that Britt Reid was arrested.  Anyone know why he wouldn't be?


    Just awful what happened to that family. 


    As Hapless said above, they are most likely waiting on the BAC from his blood and also he was admitted to the hospital as well. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:

    Indy seems like the better fit. But One thing that makes me think Chicago may be willing to give up more in a trade - their GM is desperate. Chris Ballard isn’t. 
    Ryan Pace knows his job is hanging by a thread. Ballard isn’t facing the same type of pressure.


    Chicago's cap is at $190 mil and Wentz would cost them $25 mil for 2021. Lot of cap to cut assuming the cap will be somewhere around 185-190 for 2021. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, JohnNord said:

    From what I know about addiction, if you’re a recovering drug addict, it isn’t recommended that you drink at all.  
    Addicts  with often replace their addiction to drugs with alcohol or prescription meds etc.  Most aren’t able to casually drink a beer or two without it turning into something more.  So we’re people close to him cool that he was drinking?  Or did he hide it?


    Also if he had a prescription to Aderall as he said - why would his doctor prescribe a drug used for recreational purposes to someone with a past of substance abuse?





    I believe Britt Reid was diagnosed with ADHD and Adderall is used to treat it. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Since the injuries are described as life threatening, depending upon specifics it could be a week or weeks before we know if he's out of danger and months before we know what the permanent impairment will be.





  12. 37 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    I could be wrong, but in the Ed Oliver incident it seems like it took several weeks just for the blood alcohol test to come back.


    Now the actual test can be done in minutes, but apparently for some reason when it involves the police and a potential court case according to @LeviF91 as I recall, it's not unusual for the results to take weeks.


    So I doubt that Reid will be charged any time soon, but I don't think it will have anything to do with disrupting the game.  It's just that the legal system takes its own sweet (or bitter) time.


    There's also the point that depending upon what happens to the injured child, there may be additional charges.




    Here's a copy of the application for search warrant




    According to the application for search warrant, the officer observed 4 clues of impairment administering the HSN giving him probable cause to arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. The on-ramp from Stadium Drive to I-435 is two-lane which should have given Reid ample room to pass the two stopped vehicles even if they weren't on the shoulder. So one would guess that Reid would've been arrested on the spot had he not been injured in the crash. 



  13. 4 minutes ago, Process said:

    It has to be the colts. Make a ton of sense. 


    That team is ready to win the Superbowl. They just need a QB. Not saying Wentz is the guy but Houston ain't trading Watson to them so it's not like they have much better options. 


    I am sure they were in on Stafford, if I were them I would have done whatever it took to get him. They have a really good roster and a ton of cap space to add the final pieces. They are definitely in a position where they could comfortably give up a couple firsts for a good QB, and make a run. 


    Agreed - Colts have a ton more cap space than the Bears and a better OL for sure.

  14. 37 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Fair, but on Thursday at 9 pm prior to the Superbowl, I think the probabilities favor their LB coach was in the facility watching film and knocking back some shots, and that with a history of drunk driving conviction he wouldn't want the possible publicity of being seen drinking in a bar near the stadium.


    But I acknowledge that's just my take on the issue and it's possible he finished his tasks then went off to "decompress" at a dive bar.


    You're probably right as I hadn't considered the NFL Covid protocols. 


    My guess is if Reid is to be charged, the police will hold it until Monday as to not disrupt the game any further. 

  15. 26 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Now his son is 35, married with kids, living in his own house.  But the accident occurred on the on-ramp from Arrowhead stadium, meaning in all probability this guy was drinking OTJ at Arrowhead.   In instances where I have had a co-worker or a boss who drank on the job, they thought they were being clever drinking vodka or what have you, but we all knew. 



    Maybe, but there are a couple of dive bars not too far from Arrowhead as well that Reid could've used the same on-ramp after leaving. Truth will come out. 

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  16. 7 minutes ago, dave mcbride said:

    He was a legitimately good qb in 2019. He has the tools, but something happened mentally to him this past season. He’s fixable and a potential franchise qb. Do you have a link to support the claim that his teammates “hated him”?


    His o-line was pretty bad in 2020 due to injuries. 50 sacks in 16 games. 


    Put him behind the Colts line and it will be a different story. Wentz has the tools. 

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  17. Britt Reid was on Adderall which doesn't play well with alcohol. I'm sure he knows that. Also, he told the police he had 2-3 drinks which seems to be the safe answer for drunken drivers as it puts them right around the legal limit. I've told officers the same thing in the distant past. I'm guessing he had more if he slammed into a couple of cars on the shoulder of an on-ramp. As for 2nd chances, sounds like he has a few already after his road rage incident and former DUIs. If the child dies, he needs to be charged with vehicular manslaughter or whatever the term is in Missouri. 



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  18. 18 minutes ago, Protocal69 said:

    Ok you don't watch the games. I bet if they kept a stat on how many times a QB got a defender to go Offside I bet money that ALLEN would be top 5 EASILY


    Actually watched every game and only remember a few times when it worked. That would be have to be measured against the total numbers of times attempted. There was a thread here not too long ago about Josh's hands telegraphing when using the hard count. 

  19. 5 minutes ago, ColoradoBills said:


    Typically yes.

    His new contract will start the extension in 2023.  2022 will be a 5th year option.


    $6M over (in the hole) at the $175M cap "floor".  It's already being talked about that the 175M will be higher.

    How much no one knows yet not even Beane.


    Thanks - Mahomes' new contract would start in 2022, not Allen.


    Also, if the Bills pick up Josh's 5th year option, it sounds like his salary will be pretty high (and the cap hit) based on this ... 


    The option for top-ten picks is set at an amount equal to the salary of the Transition Tender (set in Article 10, Section 4 of the CBA) for the player’s fourth contract year. This salary is calculated, to put it simply, by finding the average of the top ten highest Prior Year Salaries for players at the same position. Positions are defined by where a player spent the most plays during the previous season (Sec. 7, (a), 31), unless you ask Jimmy Graham.

  20. If Josh were to sign a long-term deal this year, I would assume that 1/5 of the new signing bonus would be added to the 3.3 mil already on the books for his rookie signing bonus for 2021 and the rest of the contract would be applied starting with the 2022 season. 

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