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  1. 2 minutes ago, DabillsDaBillsDaBills said:

    I don't think I've ever seen so many 2nd and 3rd hand "reports" of a player being arrogant, entitled, etc. 


    Seems that every other poster on here has a friend that went to college with Rosen that thought he was a jerk. 


    I still think he was given an awfully raw deal in both ARZ and MIA. I think the quality of the roster strongly contributed towards his terrible numbers - check out Bradford's and Fitz's stats for those seasons, respectively. 


    Given a stable situation and a team committed to him maybe he would've improved to being a good QB. Who can say? I will say his rookie season wasn't very much different from the right Josh's


    I guess you could apply the "raw deal" theory to Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Justin Fields ? 


    Play well despite the circumstances and you'll be around while and after the team rebuilds. 

  2. 20 hours ago, billsbackto81 said:

    I may be in the minority here but I actually feel kinda bad for the kid. Like Darnold I feel he didn't get the commitment to develop and build around them from the team that drafted them. You get drafted and then your new HC runs you out of town the following year. WTF Arizona!! 


    That being said, I'm so glad we have our guy! Good luck to you Joshua Ballinger Lippincott Rosen😝


    With his bloodlines, I don't feel so bad. Never knew the Wharton School @ UPenn was named after his great-grandfather. 


    Have to wonder how hungry he was coming into the league, knowing he was sitting on a pot of gold.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    Since in the cases which have come to light, Watson specified that he was looking for a "massage for relaxation, not a sports massage", asking for licensed sports massage therapists would not produce the relevant names.


    But let's just look at the bigger issue here.  You're proposing a conspiracy that hasn't come unglued.  That relies on all the moving parts of the conspiracy to keep silent.  Now you're proposing that in order to start the conspiracy off, whoever it is you think is conspiring against Watson - who is it, anyway?  McNair?  Easterby?  Caserio?  Someone in McNair's pay who doesn't work for the Texans? - left a trail by going around to Texans staff and players asking "who do you use to give you massages?".  Now, somehow, none of these teammates and coaches and staff, have "connected the dots" and come forward to say "McNair's personal assistant contacted me 6 weeks ago to ask for names and contact info of all the "personal relaxation massage therapists" we use.  Now Watson is being sued by a bevy of personal relaxation massage therapists.  Hell of a coincidence, isn't it?" 


    You just multiplied the number of people who must keep silent to support the conspiracy by a large factor - 5 or 10x, making a united front of silence even more improbable.


    Read Hapless post right here


    Many posts ago, I said it was a theory. And I didn't come up with the conspiracy theory ... there are folks who think the McNairs are in on it as retribution for Watson saying he would never play for the Texans again for various reasons. I'm out ...

  4. 5 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:


    Well, none of this involves criminal charges, so any such talk is a distraction.  He's being sued.  It would be obvious these women have some text messaging, IG, etc trail they will present. We have heard a similar story published about a similar experience involving a woman who is not suing him. 


    Interestingly, the lawyer is the same one who  defended Mario Williams's ex-fiancee in his suit against her.  Not only did he counter-sue, he released text messages which ultimately forced Williams to settle his case.


    Not yet - she was evaluating her options at the time of the SI story.


    2 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    How?  Apparently two were recommended by training staff in the Texans facility, so if they ask everyone in the facility "hey, did you ever recommend any massage therapists to DeShaun Watson?" and that staff happens to remember that conversation and happens to remember who they recommended (or did it by text) I guess they could get those two names.


    Do you think these licensed sport massage therapists just worked on Watson ? What about asking the other team members who they see ? 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:



    This is the problem with any conspiracy and for its theorists:  the simplest questions cannot be answered.  When pressed on the details of the logic of their theory, invariably they say to the doubter (strangely): "you figure it out".




    You don't think the owner could get the names of the massage therapists Watson was seeing or had seen ? 


    4 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    She did not book him again. 


    She said she hypothetically would if he would meet certain conditions he apparently found unacceptable, as he did not book.


    True, but the fact she said she would tells me she either wasn't that bothered by his conduct or he tipped really well. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Mr. WEO said:



    Calls to who?  And how would the owners know he was having regular lewd massages?  How did they keep this massive conspiracy hushed up to this very day as it unfolds?  And how is it that Watson's lawyer has not counter-sued the owners for concocting such a bold and outrageous scheme to defame their under-contract superstar?


    Tell us more....




    No, I'd rather not - I'll let you use your detective skills to figure it out or maybe not as you seem to have it all figured out. How would you know whether Hardin plans to counter-sue the women ? Because it hasn't happened yet ? 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:


    LOL I don't have to produce the texts.  The plaintiffs have in their suits.  Maybe you have missed all of the news reports detailing some of these?


    Anyway, let's get back to the conspiracy you are considering.  How do you think it went down?  The lawyer and the owners were able to somehow track down 19 women that Watkins received "sports massage" from?  How did they get such a list of people?  Who other than Watson would know who they all were?


    Help us out here.  Your conjecture is fascinating.  Elaborate...



    What prompted the women to come forward in the 1st place ? All 19 sought out Buzbee from the yellow pages ? How many of the women had Watson as a repeat customer despite their allegations ? 


    Getting a list of sports massage therapists that worked on Watson ? A few phone calls is all it would take. 


    8 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    Because there's no physical evidence tying Watson to anything these women are saying. Texts and online messages that set up meetings are not enough to prove he did anything illegal. What we have is over 20 different women all telling a different version of the same story. That is enough evidence to hold up in civil court and certainly in the court of Roger Goodell, but not criminal court. Many people have tried to explain this to you so at this point you're being willfully ignorant.


    According to Watson's lawyer, it's a crock. So we'll see ...


    10 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    The texts we know about appear to just be arranging massages.  Nothing wrong with that, though using so many different massage therapists seems strange.


    However, it is telling to me that a woman who gave Watson a massage he booked through her colleague, felt it necessary to text that she would book him if he would behave more professionally and agree to be draped with a sheet this time, or that she gives "massage, nothing else"


    Even more telling she would book him again if his previous conduct was unacceptable. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:


    He's not been charged and no one has pressed charges, so that doesn't matter for this discussion.  He's being sued.


    But go ahead and answer my question:  how did this lawyer and the team owner plant all those texts (that he is now furiously deleting) on his cell phone.  They would had to have for your conspiracy to be at all plausible.  How did they do it?


    No one planted any texts but until you can produce evidence of incriminating texts, it's a non-prosecutable money grab. And how would you know Watson is furiously deleting texts on his cell phone ? 


    4 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    So I have him almost certainly liable by the civil standard. I think based on the information in the public domain having him guilty by the criminal standard is much less certain, but that is because of the high standard in criminal law and the fact that what there is in the public domain is a lot of circumstantial evidence rather than conclusive proof of criminal action. 


    Your theory is, with respect, bonkers. 


    Maybe so - it's just a theory. 


    14 minutes ago, Beast said:


    Here's the thing about criminal charges...you need to have a cooperative victim to procede. If you have no victims that want to cooperate with a criminal investigation, there is no case. You can't force someone to cooperate.


    The Oklahoma City police department had no trouble getting 13 cooperative victims to proceed against Daniel Holtzclaw. So these women would just want compensation instead of Watson being criminally charged if indeed he actually did something criminal ? 


  9. 5 minutes ago, Captain Hindsight said:

    Have you ever seen what happens to women who come forward with sexual assault claims?


    Death threats, character assassination, stalking, threats to family members. Even if Watson is guilty, these women will now be known as the people that ended Watson's career, not the other way around


    I have a hard time understanding the "money grab" theory. It just doesn't match with reality 


    If Watson is guilty, his career should be over. I have no problem believing that massage therapists filing civil suits against Watson are looking for $. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, machine gun kelly said:

    Who wants to take the over/under this thread goes south around page 37, and closed down.  I’ve given my sincere responses before, but now this is going down personal attacks.  It will all play out.


    I don’t know how you can make some of the assertions being made by a minority on one side or another.


    Exactly - I'm leaning toward Watson being guilty and almost everyone else here already has him guilty with no criminal charges filed. I put a theory out there as far-fetched as it may be and if I'm way off, so what ? Wouldn't be the 1st time someone in a position of power tried to ruin someone. 


    But until there's evidence that Watson is guilty other than words, I will wait until it plays out. 

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  11. 11 minutes ago, mannc said:

    Do you realize how little sense you're making right now? 


    Either the claims in the lawsuits are true or not. If they're not, someone paid these ladies to manufacture the claims against Watson. Let's assume the claims are false. Who would've paid the women to make them up, contact Buzbee, and get the lawsuits filed ? 

  12. 1 minute ago, mannc said:

    And how is that a better outcome for the McNairs and the Texans than trading Watson to the NY Jets (or some other team) for 3 or 4 first round draft picks, which would also solve the problem of the $156 million contract?  


    To you, it might not be but maybe the McNairs are vindictive SOBs who basically are taking the position "don't f*k with us". You don't want to play with us so you'll end up playing nowhere. Or maybe there's more to the story we haven't heard yet. Or maybe yet, he's actually guilty of the accusations and the timing is coincidental. 

  13. 1 minute ago, mannc said:

    What’s your theory?  That the McNairs paid off 20 or so otherwise law-abiding women to engage in a criminal conspiracy to extort Deshaun Watson, even knowing he’s rich and will be able to defend himself with the best lawyers in the country?   And the motive would be to devalue their franchise’s prime asset...Makes perfect sense.


    Don't really have a theory but I'm sure Watson's $156 mil contract would be voided if the McNair's lawyers could prove any misconduct legally and no other team would even sign Watson essentially ending his football career. The timing is certainly suspicious given Watson's stance of not ever playing for the Texans again. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Reed83HOF said:


    I'm a big innocent until proven guilty type person. I get we live in a very litigious society and some are looking for handouts, but te evidence, especially this piece, is quite damning.


    This is psychopathic and he has a serious problem. 


    Even with the number of women that have come forward, there are some who believe that the Texans are orchestrating this whole thing with Buzbee as retribution for Watson's threat to sit out. Rumor also is that Buzbee is a close pal of Cal McNair and they live practically next door to each other. Whole thing mirrors the Daniel Holtzclaw crimes and I would expect criminal charges to be filed soon. 

  15. 15 minutes ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

    yeah, you could be right. we will see. I do think though most personal injury lawyers with a slam dunk case know how to get these things done. It’s in their interest not to pursue it in court, which will just slow down how they get paid. And the math here isn’t going to be disputed Much— I think you get someone to put together basically a life care plan and estimate of lost earning capacity. If I had to guess, this is going to be like a $10M+.


    the one issue might be whether Britt Reid doesn’t have the money and his dad or the chiefs won’t contribute to a settlement. 


    If he was drinking at the Chiefs' facility, the Hunt family might have to contribute to the settlement. 

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