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  1. 4 minutes ago, papazoid said:

    The bills have a special package for Joe Webb, will they use it this year, who knows for sure.- chadwick chad 12/17/17


    that never happened, so I claim the kyle Williams TD run instead...close enough


    More from obd

    Members  20 87 posts Report post     Posted 2 minutes ago Just in from my source, Taylor will start remainder of season regardless of win/ lose.  Bills will not cut Taylor but if attempt to trade him for another low round pick.  Cousins definitely in mix to be next year qb.  Ties to Buffalo confirmed.   New stadium will be built in 2021or 2022.  Location picked.  Do not buy the hype about land study.   Go to land purchases for last two years and you can determine location.  Also check to see minority investment owners you will will see ties to Buffalo area.   This property in  four years will be most valuable in western New York. Not just where the stadium will be built but surrounding areas. Check transactions and building permits for new restaurants and you will see connections 
    Tomorrow if McDermott has the guts, you might see the finest moment in Bills history.  It will be amazing 

    Do you think mike tice will come to Buffalo 

  2. 7 minutes ago, prissythecat said:



    Dude stop it.  You clearly have been speculating because of the volume of deleted posts from you that occur once you get called out on a blatant lie or falsehood

    I don’t speculate. Speculate would be it is possible.  I said on Monday Dennison will be fired by the weekend.  Speculation would be. Dennison might be fired.  I boldly tell the facts. Big difference

  3. Every time I am right, here is the choir,  I could have done that.  Mods please stop him please stop him, ban him wha, wha



    again, why infringe on my right to post.  Who made you guys the sites police of what can be posted and what cannot be posted. My suggestion don’t read it.  You hate it because I am right .



    atlnta and New Orleans win and Pitt vs ne

    2 minutes ago, JaCrispy said:

    Why was he lying about where he was?

    I was playing with the haters.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, nucci said:

    Anyone could have called the Dennison firing and McCoy turned us down last year. Why would he come here now? I've mostly stayed out of your threads but you offer nothing here 

    Did you?  No. I boldly called it. You speculated.  Big difference 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:



    They also said on the Buffalo News site (Id post it but you have to be a subscriber to read it) that McCoy wasn't a candidate and the reason why wasn't immediately known.


    I'm sure more will come out in the coming days/weeks. Sure sounds like he wasn't even in consideration though. 

    You have the right to believe your sources.  I am good with that.  My source tells quite a different story. I guess Vic is always right. You win

    Just now, DRutka said:

    "The stadium is not being built downtown for the last time.  Pegula wants the Bills fans to enjoy the tailgating experience and you cannot do that downtown." 


    YOUR WORDS on 12/15/17!

    You know why I said that.  

    I give up.  I tell you about the smith and Taylor trade, the stadium, the Williams run, who is playing and not.  

  6. It will be downtown Buffalo.  Enough about the stadium and the Webb package.  They did not run the Webb package becuase the game didn’t dictate it.  Anyone that knows football knows that.  I said, if McDermott has the guts, you will witnessses one of the greatest plays in Bills history. It will be amazing.  And it was. We all know the facts. Now leave me alone

  7. 5 minutes ago, TigerJ said:

    This has been my thought all along.  Whatever his alleged source might be, it may not be infallible, which may account for a couple things not happening as he suggested, but then we also have the haters going back and redacting what he's supposed to have said to make it look like he's wrong.  I find it all rather bizarre, and all too human.

    Thank you. I don’t hurt anyone.  I have information and we can discuss the what if’s.  It is called a honest debate. We can disagree without labeling and calling names.  I enjoy a healthy and honest debate and I get tired of being punished by the moderators when I have done nothing wrong

  8. 1 minute ago, LabattBlue said:

    Boy....you really went out on a limb with that prediction. Who would have guessed Pegula wants the new stadium close to the home of the Sabres, plenty of parking options, numerous ways out of the city via thruway(190N, 190S, 33, Skyway...), hotels galore, etc...


    Excellent work following the money & connecting the dots.



    Now you know

  9. 7 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:


    It is simply not right to lie about sources and mislead all of the loyal Bills fans on this board. 


    I will continue to call you out if you continue to lie. 


    If if you don't want to be harassed, don't start new threads where you spread your lies.


    Like you said, freedom of speech is part of what makes America great.

    You have the right to post your lies and I have the right to call you out on those lies. 


    I have not once once made a plea to the mods BTW. I have asked you to please just stop, especially when you continue to make the same claims of predictions you've made even when proven not to be true. 


    speaking of which - 


    when are you gong to reply to my post from a week or two ago? You know, the one where you replied to me and told me to "check the record" when I said you didn't predict the things you claimed. So I went back and dug up all your old posts and re-posted them so you could clearly see that you, in fact, did NOT predict what you had claimed. 


    You just torally ignored it. Why?


    Do you need me to re-post it in this thread so you can see it again and check your own record? 

    I know what I posted.  Pull up the Williams touchdown run, you never re post that one.  Enough arguing with you.


    we have been doing more research on Josh Allen and he is the right pick for us.  After we trade for Alex Smith, he can watch from the sidelines for two or three years and grow.  He wii Be  special like Rodgers and jimmy g.  There succes is tied to their development on the sidelines.  I hope he is there at 21

  10. 2 minutes ago, TigerJ said:

    Carucci only tweeted that McCoy would not be the new OC.  He did not give a reason.  Dunkirk Don did not say McCoy would be the new OC, only that he received an offer.  The two are not contradictions. of each other.

    Thank you

    Just now, DRutka said:

    Are you now saying your source does? You posted in a previous thread that your source was fired from OBD and he was feeding you info to get back at them. Keep your stories strait. Medication will help you  do this. 

    True, his source does

  11. We have worked out a trade for Tyrod, I wish Glenn was healthy so we could trade him as well and we need to get Benjamin healthy so we can work out a long term deal for him and reduce his cap hit for next year.  We are going to be players this time around in the free agency market.  Making the playoffs definitely helps attract free agents.  They know we are on the verge of something big in Buffalo land

  12. 1 minute ago, ProcessTheTrust said:

    DonChad, it's the fact you post saying things like they are authoritave. If you can keep up, news is coming out now revealing he never interviewed. I don't care how much we wanted him last year, to pretend we offered without interviewing this year is insulting our intelligence beyond what you have already done. Just start a new profile and become a regular fan again. Please. 

    I believe my source, you believe the newspapers.  They don’t work at obd

  13. 2 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:


    Hes posting pics of penises in other threads.

    That was Dunkirk Donna not me and you know it.  You guys cheer that behavior so please stop spreading that nonsense.    I am above that behavior I just post what my source tells me and I want to discuss it but I cannot. Rather than not reading my threads, you guys continue to harass me.  Let me be



    my prediction for the super bowl. Steelers and saints

  14. 18 minutes ago, BillsFan4 said:


    I am not trying to be a jerk to you or anything but Dude. Please. Just stop.


    Carucci has proven without a doubt over time that he is well connected and usually right on with his information. 


    Imwill trust him over you - a random poster on a message board who has been proven wrong many times over - every day of the week. 




    That is what makes America great. You are not forced to believe me or read this threat.  I should have the right to post without constantly being harassed.  I don’t harass what you post’ I just don’t read them. Most of them are such trivial stuff, it makes me nauseous. But I respect your right and I do not constant call for a mod to shut it down.  If you believe this is crap don’t read it. Problem solved but the childish mommy pleas to the mod is ridiculous. I get punished for your bad behavior

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  15. 1 minute ago, ProcessTheTrust said:

    Mods, since you are still allowing this guy to pretend he's an insider, can you somehow auto-attach the following to his new threads?


    Disclaimer to those who didn't follow along last time and are hoping this is legit:

    1. The OP will eventually get upset at all the "hate" and threaten to shut down "his/their" post. He/they will say "This is my last post"

    2. The OP will return within hours as if the original threat was never spoken

    3. As details change, the OP will conveniently provide reasons for them. Everything from the source wasn't confirmed by 2 people as is his/their standard, or sometimes because it was all a ploy to distract people while he/they are accomplishing world changing goals

    4. As the number of "believers" dwindle due to the upcoming list of discrepancies sure to follow, a faithful few will fan the flame to allow this thread to exist

    5. Eventually, a mod will step in and shut it down. Might not be till the draft since we won't have much else to talk about till then.  

    Who am I hurting?  Why do you guys spread nonsense when you know I have been right 99% of the time.  You don’t read.  You guys continue to want to shut down my right to post.  I don’t care what you post, I just don’t read it and I sure don’t cry to the mod every 2minutes. To shut down free speech. 


    Grow up

  16. 1 minute ago, Beef on Weck said:

     To what team was/is Tyrod being traded to?

    We do not have the team yet, all we know at this point the compensation and details are in place but cannot be announced at this time.

    Just now, MAJBobby said:

    Dont use me as your source

    Not sure what this means, we have our own sources

  17. Just now, kdiggz said:

    had not heard that, thanks

    Yes so Chad is in play.  Hopefully we can land him ASAP.  Our dots definitely points to him as the next oc and we would not be surprised if he is the oc by Wednesday 

    1 minute ago, Rob's House said:

    Thanks for the info Chad. Don't listen to the haters. Some people just always feel the need to get into a job measuring contest. I still believe.




    Just now, BillsFan4 said:

    So you're saying Carucci is lying? 

    I would never call anyone a liar.  He is misinformed 

  18. This thread is for serious Bills fans and I wish the non believers would leave the thread so we can have an intelligent conversation about football.   All you guys do is ruin the thread   Constantly crying to the moderators.  I am not hurting anyone. Why do you guys insist on reading it if it is all bs.



    why?  Becuase you know I have been dead on in my news.  

    2 minutes ago, 26CornerBlitz said:


    It's Chud.  As in Rob Chudzinski. :lol:

    I know

  19. 2 minutes ago, JoeF said:

    Ian Rappaport said this AM said Colts are letting coaches leave.  RB coach just took another job.  Don't know if that applies to Coordinators.

    If Chad wants to come to Buffalo, he will be let out of his contract.

    Just now, BillsFan4 said:

    Nope. Vic Carucci said that they didn't even pursue Mike McCoy this time around.


    i trust Carucci. He has real, proven sources with the team. 


    You made an an educated guess about Mike McCoy to make it look like you have sources, and you're educated guess was wrong. 

    Not true

  20. Just now, oldmanfan said:

    Mods please.  Enough.  People should not be allowed to repeatedly soil the board by claiming sources that din't exist and claiming special insight they don't have and lying about facts they don't possess.



    If I don’t have a source I must be able to tell the future.  Who am I hurting.  Please don’t read

    On another note, the bills have worked out a trade for Taylor.  Cannot be executed until new league year but Taylor will be traded so we are in the market for a new quarterback 

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