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  1. Just now, Alphadawg7 said:


    Correct, I did not include fumbles as the meat of the thread was addressing the media narrative that Josh in interception prone, so it was how often does he really throw interceptions.  


    For the TD to INT rate, I did include rushing TD's for all QB's as a comparison to how often he throws an INT vs scoring a TD as this again was addressing the narrative about his interception totals being too high.  


    Note:  Josh has also reduced his fumbles quite a bit and also has zero fumbles in his career in the post season.

    Didn't he have that ridiculous lateral fumble against HOU?

    Looks like he has 8 postseason fumbles to me?

  2. Just now, The Jokeman said:

    Team loss. I can see blaming coaches and players. Offense minus the Allen interception was as good as you could want. Defense had struggles at the end but without their turnovers in the 1st half we might not have gotten the points we got. Kicker had one blocked and one missed FG, easy to blame him for the loss. Refs, I just can't. The no horse collar/intentional grounding is just inexcusable on every level. 30 yard difference maker as it could be debated lead to the blocked FG. It's frustrating as a fan. I get why people want changes but too many questions what a new coaching staff could do to improve this team as there could be a major influx of change next year due to aging players, guys we can't afford to re-sign etc. 

    The offense left a lot of meat on the bone in the first half+ when the defense was dominant.  The game should have been put away.

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  3. Bills had a chance to run away with this game.  D was dominant in the first half and gave up 14 points through 3 quarters.  Yes, they completely folded at the end but they gave the offense plenty of opportunities to build a much bigger lead early but many of the opportunities were squandered.   But, of course, no talk of how the defense played for more than half of the entire game.

  4. Let’s not pretend like elite Allen has carried this team to 6 wins.  If the Allen from these last two games was here all year we wouldn’t be in this situation.  He has certainly been part of the problem this year, I don’t know if it was all Dorsey or what.


    No shame in losing a tough one to the Eagles, the problem is that we put ourselves in a situation where we can’t afford any losses by losing to crap teams earlier.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, FilthyBeast said:

    Tony Romo was pimping Knox hard during the game on Sunday and mentioning how dangerous he thinks the Bills offense will be when they can get back to 12 personnel as their primary offense when he gets back.


    Anybody actually agree with this statement or think Brady goes that route??

    Brady called more 12 personnel in this past game than we have since Knox went down, so yes, I assume they will both be on the field plenty.


    At the very least Knox is a very good red zone weapon and a plus blocker.  It's going to be a help

  6. 2 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    Seeing a lot of tweets with data backing up that this defense of ours, (with Joseph/Douglas) is much better than we give them credit for.  

    Linval Joseph should be big for us this game as we need to slow down the Philly run game.  

    Our pass rush needs to show up, but also need to be disciplined.  We can’t have ends just rushing 20 yards out of the play leaving massive holes for Hurts to take off through.   (Same will go for the Chiefs game). 

    I like Douglas/Benford against their WR’s.  Both are big/physical corners that can body up AJ Brown.  The loss of Goedert is big for them.  Devonta Smith’s speed and their screen game are what I’d say we need to be aware of on defense.  

    On Offense, keep Allen upright.  I believe him when he cathartically yells “I’m ****ing back!” during the Jets game.   If he has time, Philly’s back seven can’t hang with Diggs, Kincaid, Shakir and Davis.  I’d also leverage Cook & Johnson in the receiving game out of the backfield on their linebackers quite a bit.  

    The Eagles are good and their home field advantage is strong, but they’re not as dominant as their 9-1 record indicates … and the Bills are way better than their 6-5 record.  

    We have the better QB.  It’s time for that to make a difference.  



    I also like being the more desperate team.  We NEED to win, they do not.

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  7. 21 minutes ago, PatsFanNH said:

    It’s old hat for KC, they are in the SB or AFC Championship practically every year. Also does ANYONE think it will be hard to get top end WR or TE to go to KC on a cheap deal just to win a SB with Mahomes? 

    Then why on earth is their top receiver currently Justin Watson?

  8. 6 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    No, that's just me telling it like it is.


    "Rich" would be something like you going out of your way in August to find me and mock the Yankees 30 year streak of winning records because you were certain it was coming to an end.............a topic you'd never mentioned prior..........and then never owning up to that stupidity after the Yanks played well the rest of the season and finished with a winning record once again  leaving you with a totally unnecessary face full of self-inflicted sticky stuff.  😂


    You are the very definition of a poster of no account on TSW.  

    LOL, not that I care, but I was mocking your banner waving for the INCREDIBLE FEAT of the most financially advantaged franchise of all time actually having a...  winning record...  LOL.  I did not predict that AMAZING accomplishment was not going to be achieved.  Congrats on the special season!!!  😂


    In this case I was mocking YOU telling another poster to own up to their terrible take.  LOL.  Not exactly your strong suit!  🤣



  9. 50 minutes ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

    Called it draft day. One of my favorite guys last year. We definitely need a better outside receiver to make DK even more dangerous. 

    and he’s a great guy but that Knox contract is so bad now. 

    Nothing wrong with having two good TE's.  Regardless of his limitations Knox is a RZ weapon that scores a lot of TD's and he's a plus blocker.

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