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  1. 1 minute ago, HappyDays said:


    You're right, I exaggerated. Better way to say it is the Bills offense needs to be capable of putting up 35 points in the playoffs. I think that's the caliber of offense that would get us over the hump in the playoffs regardless of how our defense performs.

    I feel like many are just stuck on results.  


    We lost two coin flip games vs. KC which easily could have went the other way.  Say we close out that 13 seconds and Josh hits Shakir for that score.  In those scenarios we would have won 5 straight vs. KC.  Would everything then be OK and KC would be the ones with a process that doesn't work?


    Everyone wants better players at all positions.  But I have a hard time saying that our defensive investment has been a mistake, especially considering what I consider to be extremely poor injury luck to a majority of our impact defenders.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


    No. It wasn't good enough, as evidenced by the fact that we lost... We needed to win a shootout. Literally score a TD on every drive, that's what we need our offense to do. If we had championship caliber defensive coaching it would have been good enough. But we don't have that.


    I'll admit it feels silly arguing from this perspective. It's insane on the face of it to say we need our offense to score a TD every time we hold the ball in order to beat a championship contender in the playoffs. But I mean, that's clearly obviously true right? That's pretty much what we would have needed to do to win each of our last three playoff losses. That's why I keep saying I don't care if the offense is ranked 5th and leads us to 11 regular season wins. That means nothing to me. We need probably the very best offense in football so that when we inevitably get in a shootout in the playoffs, we have a chance to win it. Maybe we could even steamroll our way to a #1 seed and that would set up a much more favorable path.


    All I know is trying to build a dominant offensive juggernaut is the one thing that we haven't even tried to do since 2020. I'm ready for a different strategy because what we've been doing isn't working.


    Reality just doesn't bear this out.  Last year KC had 9 drives and scored 5 times, two of which were FG's.  They were 1-5 on third down.  Cin also scored 5 times on 9 drives with two of those scores being FG's while we managed a grand total of 10 points.  2021 KC game wasn't a score fest until the end, with the Bills D also forcing 5 third down stops.



  3. 3 minutes ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    The post I was replying to said Bass just blew the staff's strategy missing the kick.


    I appreciate that you just try to follow me around what I say......it's flattering........but try to follow the conversation.



    Regardless of what you were replying to your point that the HC was willing to lean on his defense is completely wrong.  They were attempting the exact opposite by trying to win it with no time left.

  4. 1 hour ago, BADOLBILZ said:


    ........then the Chiefs quickly march down the field and kick a chip shot field goal to win it.  


    Again,  rest assured that the HC knew the play call coming out of the 2 minute warning.   He was willing to lean on a defense that had played terribly all day if the play succeeded..........that's bad coaching.



    they did a masterful job milking the clock while marching down the field to win the game.  A touchdown was absolutely the goal, they were not playing for a tie.  Just didn’t execute when it mattered.

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  5. Just now, stevestojan said:

    Not going to start an entire topic on this but since we’re talking WR, does Shorter have any potential? I know next to nothing about him and we haven’t been able to see him play of course. 

    I bet Shavers has a better shot at sticking.  There's been talk about him staying in Buffalo and working all year and he has a reputation as a top special teams player.

  6. 26 minutes ago, FireChans said:

    Former Bills UDFA Eric Striker was a very productive EDGE in college that didn’t have enough sand in his pants to stick in the NFL

    Striker was 6' 220 and maxed out at 9 sacks in college.


    Pretty different than 6'1 250 with 16 sacks in one year to lead all of FCS.  Also has an unusually long wingspan for his height

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Mat68 said:

    Defenses really stopped worrying about Diggs getting down field.  The offense was fine without getting production from both.  Coleman in a condensed set will help in the run game and also provide those big slot routes.  Claypool has his best chance since Pittsburgh to produce.  Mcdaniel saw him as a te.  Could be the primary back up for Coleman.  Obvious big role is being developed for him.  

    I think Claypool's best shot is to fill Gabe's role as the vertical threat.  Much of his early success was on vertical routes with Ben.

  8. 21 minutes ago, Einstein said:

    1) Tim Graham can be a jerk sometimes but he and Dunne are seemingly the only Buffalo media members willing to publicly speak on PSE’s private matters. Everyone else is too scared to upset the only business in town.


    2) The fact that the son-in-law was “fired”, which is very different than resigned, implies that something not great happened. Graham wouldn’t have used that word willy-nilly.


    3) The rosy picture that PSE painted when they first rode into town on white horses is being severely eroded in recent years. From the PSE slide-deck release that prioritized the families lifestyle, to the firing of every executive they ever hire, to the disaster that is the Sabres, to now this. As time moves on, I genuinely am becoming convinced that McDermott is keeping this operation stable. I don’t agree with all of his coaching decisions but he is clearly a good man and leader of men.



    Yeah… Terry is the last owner I think of when I think “loves the limelight”. He won’t even give a once-a-year press conference.


    We should be terrified of Beane and McDermott getting fired, not championing it like many here.  God only knows the hires this ownership would make.

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  9. 58 minutes ago, Logic said:

    I view Soloman the same way I view Tylan Grable and Travis Clayton: High upside, boom or bust physical specimens. Of course, Soloman was taken in the 5th round, which makes it a riskier selection.

    I think they're different.  Grable and Clayton are projections based on potential.  Soloman has a track record of incredible production but just lacks prototypical size.

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  10. 1 minute ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    I can't say I'd be happy with that kind of result.   I'd at best be indifferent.


    I was hoping they'd pick Austin Booker with that selection they traded to the Bears........and that's who the Bears took.


    I liked what I saw of Solomon........I even thought he might have a clearer path to success in the NFL.   As an OLB edge rusher.  


    But he's just not a fit for the Bills defense so he was basically off-the-board for me there.   Hopefully they find a way to make it work.   Didn't work with Moats.   On D he did next to nothing well with the Bills.   We were collectively glad to see him go after the 2013 season.   He played WAY better in Pittsburgh, in a scheme that fit his skills.

    I'm pleased with the approach.  Our usual "type" at end seem to lack twitch off the edge.  Even as a designated pass rusher there is value and it is a clear need.

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