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  1. 1 hour ago, Just Jack said:

    Comes in late in the game and manages to hold onto the lead to keep the Raiders from coming back to beat the Bills?  Surely he should be considered for Player Of The Game. 

    In all seriousness, I would have  liked to see him get into the game a little earlier. He needs to have some reps under his belt if and when he ever HAS to play.

  2. 56 minutes ago, Dillenger4 said:

    OK - Last night sucked. Full stop. Bad play calling, Josh playing like sugar-rush-Josh. But can we please discuss the Tre White comedy act?


    He cost us this game just as much as Josh.


    On the long Breece Hall run from their 3 yard line... Tre came in and whiffed. Absolutely missed on the tackle. Boom - 3 points for the Jets.


    Third and long,Bills up 13-3. Tre, again, whiffed on the tackle behind the line. First down. Eventual FG.


    Jets TD to tie the game - Tre 1-on-1. BURNED like always.


    The dude is the weakest link on a very good D. I know you all love him... "Pro bowler blah blah". He is weak and plays like a civ. Teams will attack him. 

    "Civ"? Short for "civilian "? Maybe you mean "sieve"?

  3. On 7/31/2023 at 2:13 PM, KDIGGZ said:

    Mahomes and Brady were in commercials AFTER they won. Josh hasn't won anything in his life besides the Potato Bowl. I can understand the criticism

    Don't YOU have anything better to do with YOUR TIME besides criticize successful, rich people ? Jealous?

  4. 35 minutes ago, machine gun kelly said:

    You guys do know he went to a Lutheran HS in NV and played first for San Diego.  It’s not like they are forced to convert when they move to Utah.


    All kidding aside,  I’ve said previously I’m looking at DK 2 together as they will compliment each other.  Knox may actually have the better year with DK 2 out there.  So my best guess is together we’ll see 12 TD’s, and around 1200 yards between the two.  Maybe more, but Diggs is still going to get 150 receptions for 1500 yards.  Davis will probably still get 750-800 yards and Sherfield will probably sniff 500 yards.


    Thats not to mention the rushes and catches from Cook and Harris.


    The exciting part is we are so much more diverse this year.  Although I don’t expect 22 personnel, we may not have an 11 runaway, but more 12 and 21 personnel.  This will make the Bills hard as hell to defend.  For all the hype train on the Jets defense, they were 4th last year and we were 6th.  Oh and we were 2nd last years in lowest pts scored on us, and on offense 2nd in pts and yards.


    Dont listen to the media hype train, and fully expect everyone and their grandmother Monday night will pick the Kets to win the game.  We come out and will win 24-17.  That’ll shut them up!


    I don’t expect our normal 29 pts per game as their defense is solid, but so is ours.  Only Von is out.  We have Dr. Poyer and Mr. Hyde, the real Tre, Taron, and Benford.  Good luck old man peyote smokin Rodgers as we’re going to give him an old fashioned Schalackin Monday Night.  That’s right. A schalackin.


    Milano is going to come in like a heat seeking missile like he did to Tua last year and knock Erin Roger’s into next week on a designed blitz.

    Diggs will not have 150 catches; he would need over 200  targets. Not gonna happen. And don't forget the running game could be more effective this year. 

  5. 17 hours ago, Ya Digg? said:

    Oh I definitely think it was a jab. He had mentioned for years that Buffalo is the only NY team. I just think he refuses to acknowledge that they are New York. For 99% of the country that comment means absolutely nothing (or people are clueless and think he’s an idiot for saying New Jersey), .5% gets offended he says New Jersey, and the other .5%, all of us here and the other Bills fans knows exactly what he’s saying. It’s the reason why WNY and bills mafia love that guy so much 

    The "Bills are the only New York team" contoversy is stupid and meaningless. 

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  6. 29 minutes ago, FilthyBeast said:

    Ugghhhhh who didn't see this coming?


    The truly great NFL GM's in this league know when to move on from aging veterans and it was a massive mistake bringing back all these guys, especially at their current contracts.


    This is why I predict that Rapp will supplant Hyde or Poyer as starter sooner than later so I guess give Beane credit for that contingency plan.


    As long as those two are healhy, they will start, especially at those salaries.

  7. "Super Star " is a subjective term and everyone has a different definition of what a "Super Star is" .

    It comes down to how a team builds value with the salary cap. Draft well and optimize production from rookie contracts  so you don't "over pay" in free agency.

    Besides Josh and Diggs which current Bills qualify ? Milano? Poyer , Hyde and White? Bass? Von?

  8. 1 hour ago, Big Turk said:


    Yup, GM's like to have "x" amount of space just in case and likely had those in his back pocket earmarked for that purpose while doing other signings.

    These 2 restructures will barely keep them under the salary cap.

    Don't expect Beane to go out and sign a significant free agent.

    If he really wants a particular player, he might have a couple more contracts to rework but it's financially risky. 

  9. 1 hour ago, NoSaint said:

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see cook at 1000 yards rushing and 3-400 receiving 

    in fact, if healthy we are are only talking a 12 carry 2-3 catch per game workload to get there 

    Perhaps ,but we cant assume he can stay healthy and handle a significant workload; never has been "the man" and I don't know if he can manage enough carries to reach 1,000 yards.

    I can see him at 50 or 60 receptions so he doesn't have to gain all his yards on the ground. 

  10. Bills have to replace Singletary 's 177 carries.

    Harris and Murray could inherit that load. 

    Cut Josh's 124 in half and give 62 carries to Cook,for a total of 151. Cook should also see a lot of passing targets.

    I prefer to see the backs take on more of the running attempts to protect Josh. I dont see anybody gaining 1,000 yards in this offense  but think they are better able to run when they have to.


  11. 14 hours ago, Billsfanatixs said:

    The thought I had, which will never happen is. I think we should try moving Dawkins to right tackle. I'm supremely aware of why left tackle is where you want your best tackle. 


    I would say for the Bills, right tackle is most important. Until Josh becomes a high percentage "Pocket Passer" it will continue to be the most challenging spot on line. 


    Josh never sticks around long enough for a right end to nab him. 


    Hard to argue if you think about it 



    It's easy to argue this ridiculous idea. Besides all the other comments; Dawson is getting paid "left tackle money" and damn well better earn it.

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