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  1. So...you're saying make the QUARTERBACK portion of the salary cap "unlimited"?

    Why would the owners agree to that?

    It defeats the purpose of the salary cap.

    But,owners and players could demand a larger slice of the financial pie from the media contracts. 

    As for your comparison to other sports;  Lots of players make WAY more than double/triple some of their their teammates;Yankees have Judge, Cole, Rodon, Stanton,Donaldson,et.al earning 25,30,40 million annually with guys at the bottom of the making 2 million. 

    Its business: the STARS sell tickets and merchandise and attract advertising revenue.

  2. I think you should stick to ONE topic per post. RB or OLine,for example.

    You could also look at cap resources like Spotrac rather than just throw stuff out there.  Do the work and know the facts.

    FYI; none of Hines' salary is guaranteed . I like what he offers as a returner but if he isn't used on offense, he is overpaid.

    How do you "force" Mitch Morse to retire?

    Moving Dawkins to RT,or LG as some have suggested,means that TWO positions would then have new starters  affecting continuity and chemistry.





  3. 17 hours ago, 78thealltimegreat said:

    Id be more inclined to go WR in round 1 and guard in round 2…if you wanted to think outside the box if an elite TE who would be like an extra tackle was there I would think about it. 2TE sets could really help some of the oline issues the Bills have with an extra blocker in to protect. 

    Perhaps,but if you add a right tackle he would be out there EVERY play. A second TE would not see as many reps. For me,the priority is OLine,before TE,not that I wouldn't add a TE later in the draft.

  4. 17 hours ago, MJS said:

    Move Bates back to LG. That seems to be his best position. Dawkins could stay at LT. Then you do whatever you can to significantly upgrade RG and RT. Spencer Brown can be the swing tackle and hopefully develop more.


    Gabe Davis needs to go back to being the 3rd/4th WR. Draft a WR really high, or bring in a free agent to fill that #2 role. Heck, even trade for one if you need to.

    I like the idea of Bates back at LG. I would try to upgrade at RG because I hope Brown develops. Boettger and Doyle should be back?

  5. I dont see them drafting FOUR OLinemen with other positions needing help. Especially after you sign Risner.

    OBJ will be even healthier and there will be competition to sign him so I think he will be too expensive for Buffalo. I would add a big,physical,fast WR,maybe a younger guy with upside. 

    Hunt replacing Singletary might make FOOTBALL sense but I think it would be more prudent to DRAFT a back.

    Bills could need several safeties.

    And if Edmunds leaves?


    It's too complex to devise ONE repair plan with so unknowns re: Bills' free agents,health and age.


    Here are areas that I believe need improvement whether via the draft,   trades,free agency, coaching or player development. More or less in order.


    *INTERIOR OLINE (or Left Tackle if Dawkins moves inside. I Would try to add 2 ,quality OLinemen)

    *WR big,fast,physical

    *S at least 2

    *RB if Singetary leaves,add a big back.

    *LB if Edmunds leaves

    * OLB/Edge dept

    *TE depth 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Don Otreply said:

    At present, no, should he improve appropriately, could very well be. Beane needs to get three above average O-line talents this off season, fingers crossed that this happens, 

    Which 3 positions?

    There won't be much cap money to spend and Beane wont use his top 3 picks on OLinemen. How will he add 3 "above average Oline talents"?

    Saffold should be gone and I could get on board with picking a guard  in the 1st if the value is there.

  7. The OP was so long that I couldn't read it all the way through. 

    When you talk about cutting players dont forget  about dead cap money.

    There's always a chance Josh reworks his contract to free up cap space.

    Hines' contract isn't guaranteed,is it? I'd try to renegotiate and if Singletary gets an offer the Bills won't match,draft a bigger back.

    Brown was hurt and I think he can be serviceable. Morse is much more than "meh" but Bills need a plan in case he gets hurt again. Bates might be better off at LG and good riddance to Saffold.

    Poyer, Hamlin and Hyde could ALL be gone. Benford to safety has been floated...could the Bills move to a 4-3 ,dump the nickel and try Taron at safety?

  8. I think you are misusing terms like "act of God" and "elephant in the room" in order to exaggerate and attract attention to whatever your position is. 

    We all know the Bills had a challenging season but enough already with excuses; Beane and McDermott have shown they can get a team to the playoffs but their Super Bowl window is closing.

    There were a number of purely football decisions,schemes and personnel moves that affected the season outcome. 

  9. On 1/27/2023 at 7:09 AM, Inigo Montoya said:

    Cook isn't going anywhere.  He has looked better as the season progressed and still has three years left on his rookie contract and has a cap friendly hit of $1.3mm in 2023.  I don't think Beane is going to keep both Singletary and Hines.  It is going to be one or the other.


    Nyheim's contract is not cheap, his cap hit in 2023 is $4.79mm, and in 2024 it is $5.48 



    Singletary is an unrestricted free agent and according to Sportrac his projected free agent contract should be right around $5.5mm annually for three years.



    Hines is great in the return game and has stand alone value in that respect.  He has more speed than Motor and is probably a better receiving back than Motor.  We haven't seen him carry the ball much.  In his five years in the league the most carries he's had in a season was 89 in 2020.  That year he averaged 4.3 yds per carry.  His career average is 3.9 yds per carry.  The most receptions Hines had in a season was 63 in both '18 and '20.  His career average yds per reception is 7.4 yds.  Across his career, Hines catch percentage is 77%.



    Singletary had 177 carries this year and averaged 4.6 yds per carry.  He had 38 receptions this year with an average of 7.4 yds per reception.  The most receptions he's had was 40 in the '21 season.  Across Motor's career, his catch percentage is 75%.



    The question is which back, Motor or Hines, compliments Cooks the best?  In Cook we have a speedy / receiving back.  That is the same skill set that Hines brings to the table, plus his return skills.  Does it make sense for the offense to have their two primary RBs with essentially the same skill set?  Also, are Cook and Hines able to soak up the 170 plus carries Singletary has a season?   Cooks has looked good running the ball but has a smaller frame.  Can we expect him to hold up carrying the ball 100+ times a year in the NFL?


    Singletary's projected free agent contract isn't much more than what Hines is under contract for now.  What does Beane decide to do?  The problem is I don't think Beane can afford both.  Beane's last option is to release both of them and build around Cook with new faces.



    Or...let Singletary walk and DRAFT a back maybe a bigger,power runner.

  10. On 1/23/2023 at 12:40 PM, EasternOHBillsFan said:


    Ohh they will, and we'll be left with pieces of what once was... they went through a TON of crap this season and they aren't robots. Garbage take.

    No THIS is a garbage take. Bills were sleep walking through the Bengals game and there should be no excuses. Suck it up, Saffold.

    On 1/23/2023 at 12:54 PM, RoyBatty is alive said:

    I have to agree.


    What about all the chatter about Frazier deserves a HC job blah blah blah?  Where is that now?  



    As someone else mentioned I think we get a 3rd rnd pick if some team grabs him which would be a win- win for the Bills.

    I don't think anybody hires Frazier. He is an old defensive coach and that's not what teams are looking for in a head coach. I dont think the Bills dare fire him with all the affirmative action guidelines.

    If the D is going to get "fixed" McDermott has to put his freaking foot down on Frazier and wake him up 

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  11. On 1/27/2023 at 4:10 PM, RyanC883 said:

    Post em' here.  I'll start: 



    Michael Mayer

    TE Notre Dame

    (BPA, 2 TE sets will be crazy.  Great catcher, great blocker.).  



    Jarrett Patterson

    OG Notre Dame

    (best C in draft.  Can also play G.) 



    Israel Abanikanda

    RB Pittsburgh

    (need another RB, perhaps too similar to Cook?)  



    Wanya Morris

    OT Oklahoma

    (OT is a need, got a strong one here) 



    Keeanu Benton

    DT Wisconsin

    (I know nothing about him.  Needed a DT, and was BPA based on the Pro Football Network simulator) 



    Garrett Williams

    CB Syracuse

    (very athletic CB.  Ball hawking, run-supporting).  

    I'm not going to invest much time in this little exercise...but I would talk a safety and a LB/ edge rusher before a DT and CB

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  12. 20 hours ago, transplantbillsfan said:

    This is something we all know and acknowledge anyway about the 2022-2023 Buffalo Bills:


    They went through some *****!!!


    Tops shooting

    Kim Pegula getting sick

    Knox's brother dying

    120 degree heat game in Miami

    Davis lingering ankle injury (multiple reporters, including Dan Fetes, said he just didn't look right in practice for most of the season)

    Dane Jackson having to get taken off the field in an Ambulance

    Micah Hyde being lost for the season

    Josh Allen elbow injury and minimal practice/throwing for a couple weeks and lingering through the season

    7 foot blizzard that didn't allow for a week of real practice and then relocated a home game to Detroit

    A 2nd home game in Detroit 4 days later

    4 away games in 11 days

    Getting stuck in Chicago overnight on Christmas Eve because of a blizzard that killed dozens of people in Buffalo

    Missing what many would argue are the 2 biggest Holidays of the year with their families



    And I'm sure I'm missing some of these things.


    EDIT: Somehow I forgot losing Von Miller... insane list 


    These guys are human beings and I challenge anyone to find another team in NFL history that went through as much crap as Buffalo did this year and still managed to go 13-3 in the regular season and win a playoff game with one of the harder SoSs in that year.


    I had issues with the offensive and defensive gameplan by Dorsey and Frazier.  Obviously a problem--big problem as far as Frazier goes when you're playing zone with guys 10 yards off the line against a QB with one of the quickest releases in the NFL.


    But let's all take a breath.  This clearly wasn't our year.  But maybe it's more Acts of God than the team just not being good.

    So...all those tragedies excuse the problem you have with Frazier game plans? I'm tired of excuses. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Mr. WEO said:


    this looks like an AI generated thread.   Like a computer read every thread topic on the first 3 pages of TBD and pumped this one out.



    Except...AI has better grammar and spelling.

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  14. On 1/23/2023 at 12:34 PM, The Firebaugh Kid said:

    Cut. GTFOH. You're a professional football player in a divisional playoff game at home. 

    Your crowd ain't out of money to blow on your garbage effort. 

    I imagine some "fans"  think others are insensitive in  light of events that " are larger than football" .

    I'm sorry for everything that befell this team but they still have to give 100%. If they were physically "tired " then it was on the coaches to figure out how to prepare and motivate this team.

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  15. I'm sorry if anyone is overly sensitive but I'm embarrassed to hear this from a long-term, well-paid veteran. Perhaps he could have used his veteran status to rally the troops. Good riddance...

    On 1/23/2023 at 12:31 PM, jhh9327 said:

    You really think this team beats Cinci if this game happened two months ago?  I honestly don't.  I'm not saying the emotional toll didn't play any factor yesterday, but this was a flawed team that has been showing those flaws for quite a while and Cinci is designed well to take advantage of those. 

    In the first quarter,before Hamlin got hurt, Bengals were having their way against the Bills and think it would have been a similar outcome as the eventual rematch.

    Somebody higher up than the Safety Coach needs to be held accountable. 

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  16. 16 hours ago, John from Riverside said:

    I’ve heard musings of this before, but today was the first time that I actually heard it on one bills live at the bills are planning to move Christian Benford to safety


    I didn't think it was a definite PLAN . He played well when he got an opportunity so I wonder if they leave him at CB to develop.

  17. On 1/26/2023 at 7:07 AM, fasteddie said:

    I know it's a rhetorical question,  but why isn't our "beloved" D coordinator being interviewed for all of these head coaching positions?

    I would think that the Bills would get a clue and see that no team would want him running their organization when he totally got outcoached for the last three playoff years.

    Just wondering. 🤔

    Because, he's an older DEFENSIVE guy and the Head Coach trend is toward younger, offensive-minded candidates. With the affirmative action guidelines he might be offered token HC interviews but I dont know if he would bite.

    On 1/26/2023 at 10:26 AM, BananaB said:

    Why haven’t we heard if they are bringing him back or not? I think that’s better question. Most people want a change

    I'm guessing Bills leave it up to him 

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