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  1. Make some good adjustments for the 2nd half and get a 2 score lead with 3:00 left in game and I think we have our first win!!!
  2. ..., anybody starting to get the feeling Trent might light us up next week??!!!
  3. One is working with the Jills..., and he is the better one!!!
  4. comments coming into this board faster than Jets scoring!!!
  5. Bills are truly one of the best at trying to recycle other teams' garbage!!!!
  6. ...we are not in rebuild mode yet, we still have to have an impact study done on this team!!!
  7. Looks like the those 2nd half adjustments are working well!!???
  8. Bills time of Posession about 7 minutes, Jets about 23 minutes in first half, boy does that have to change! Nice to see Kelsey motivated by his giant pay raise!!
  9. He's from Ohio St. - stay away - bust material!!! Oh and by the way - Go Blue!
  10. Maybin, Green, and McCargo - The sooner the better!!!
  11. ...have the clock move backward in time toward 1999 - we can get to the playoffs quicker that way!
  12. Keep your eyes on DE/LB Brandon Graham from Michigan....STUD with speed!!!
  13. Brad was brutal when he was at WGR... Brad + Scooby and Lapdog = BOREDOM!!!
  14. Bill - way to avoid the question! We'll be fine without you!
  15. How about interviewing High School coaches from Sweet Home, Orchard Park and North Tonawanda!!!
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