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  1. My concern with trading the 4th was that it would limit us in moving up during round 2 and 3. All the receivers that went just ahead of us in round 2 was killer. Skyy Moore to KC pissed me off. Hopefully Elam can cancel him out.
  2. It's so close, yet not to Tuna. This must be allowed.
  3. I agree, but again I just didn't see a team with a need that didn't get ahead of us already to get a cb and johnson and lloyd we're just sitting there.
  4. We'll probably find out tomorrow what Beane and co. was thinking anyways.
  5. The same could be said for Lloyd and Johnson. We can go in circles all day. I just dont agree with the trade up.
  6. Im not against the pick, I dont agree with the panicky trade up to get Elam. Right. So Beane panicked and moved up for no concrete reason apparently.
  7. Im not worried about picking in the 4th. Im worried a guy we might want, that might fall enough where we could use that 4th to move up more then 2 spots in the 2nd or 3rd.
  8. The chiefs did and took Mcduffie. Elam wasn't a fit with other teams and the value was on Johnson and Lloyd.
  9. Who? Kc just got Mcduffie. And 2 top 20 picks fell. The value was for Lloyd and Johnson, ahead of Elam who was projected late 1st, early 2nd.
  10. The need wasn't there. All wr's were gone with 1st round grades, their biggest need. Next big need, O line. Thought it was obvious.
  11. Like the player, dont like the trade up. Johnson and Lloyd fell. Just hurts us if we wanted to trade up in the 2nd or 3rd more then 2 spots.
  12. It was obvious cowboys weren't taking a corner. Also, look at the players that fell, Lloyd and Johnson. We panicked, plain and simple. Happy with Elam, trade up was not necessary.
  13. What if we wanted to trade up in the 2nd or 3rd round more then 2 spots? We dont need a lot, if we got 3 starters/high end backups in the first 3 rounds, Im happy. The trade up was a waste.
  14. Cool. Keep your head in the sand and think it was lack of execution.
  15. I feel absolutely sabotaged by our coordinators. My brother was like "wtf?! Matheiu is out of the game, why are you running it?!" I dont get it, totally at a loss how Daboll called a great first drive and figured his work was done. Did he tell Mara in his interview "Hey, watch Sunday and what I can do with Daniel for 1 drive!" Frazier, oh my. I get not blitzing mahomes but cmon, all pressure on them. Sure, lets give them easy 15+ yard completions when :23 seconds to go to tie it. At least bring some pressure and trust our "vaunted" secondary. Absolutely this failure is on the coordinators. Lack of aggression played too safe to lose. I will not watch or support this team until they are hired away or fired. All of our time is more valuable then this. We deserve and should expect better!
  16. Not even gone for it. Should not have even gotten to that point
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