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  1. Why is this thread still here top of the wall? Oh ya poo, I replied to it. Damn my unholy life!!! QB1 daddy is why... Oh Daddy can I have more as you sweep your sweet arm to ol' Diggsy?? Wooooooooooo, unholy it is they say, I forgot to shave my nether regions for this ungodly, stupid thread!!! Die die die!!!
  2. All I know, Josh Allen is the best QB in the league and not even close. He does it all. Lamar is great against crappy D's. We Tua'd him like every other QB1 we faced so far. We are so good, the league doesn't know to be scared yet.
  3. Only monkey on his back was media and fair weather fans. Most meaningless stat ever. We destroy people, accept it. Weather destroyed us last week, we we're hungover from it and fought throught it today. Ever went to work hungover? Same thing.
  4. When we blitz, its almost unstoppable. We got burned a few times but hit home 95% of the time so far. Blitz more, especially on 3rd and 22.
  5. Josh is the clear MVP, they generated no offence other then from our turn overs with great field position. Lamar was Tua 2.0 today.
  6. This is a Bills vs Ravens after game thread homey
  7. We are great! Get used to it. The football season is a roller coaster. We're a 2nd half team, no doubt, thats what makes us great. We sucked 1st half, no doubt, but we nutted up. We've acquired, through pain, experience, cool heads, professionalism and it carried us today. Love it!
  8. For all you doubting, hating and bloviating! Stop it! We won!!
  9. Winnable game at this point. We just look gassed from last week still and the confidence is a little low. If we pull this one out we'll be great going forward.
  10. Not when you've scored 8tds in eight 1st drives of a game. May happen next game, dont worry.
  11. Its 6-3 without the turnovers. But Im lamenting that INT by Josh in the 1st. Lil Dirty was open up the seam and no safety in behind, if Josh hits him there its a loooong TD 100%. Totally changes complexion of the game.
  12. As long as we get it to a 1 score game at the half we can adjust. Not over yet.
  13. Tentative asf. But, honestly we haven't been a great 1st half team so far. Not looking good, we just need to flip the switch. That Miami game game is still having an effect.
  14. Injuries, weather and coaching decisions we're the main factors. This game was ours and let it slip away. It happens, but even worse it happened vs Miami and Tua who did almost nothing to actially deserve winning this game. Let's see when they come up north and play us when we have most of our players back on D and linemen not going down due to heat exhaustion.
  15. Got Daddy's jersey back in 2019 during a Black Friday sale from NFL Shop. Best purchase ever.
  16. Isn't that how many snaps the Rams had on offence all game? 😁
  17. Did you watch the post game NFL Network roast of Maurice Jones-Drew?
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