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  1. 19 hours ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

    A lot to unpack here. While Steve may not be the 2nd coming of Robin Leach describing the various statuary tableaux of the upper crust, he gets his points across just fine for an AM lunchtime gabfest that focuses on our favorite team. Again, you know what you’re getting when you tune in, and for me at least that’s a lot of behind the scenes anecdotes and player insights that someone who’s never actually  played a down of NFL football simply cannot duplicate. As far as our fan base is concerned, might I ask which franchise is blessed with only well-heeled and enlightened perfectly coiffed yuppies in the stands? No thanks. Bills fans are a loyal salt of the earth lot by and large, who deserve better than the flippant brush off your post dismissed them with. I apologize if this was not eloquent enough however.

    You are not paid to be eloquent, Tasker used to be, now he’s basically a legacy charity case, and a stammering, borderline unintelligible one at that. And lol who is Robin Leach? Maybe like Tasker, he was cool in the 90’s

  2. I couldn’t agree more. He is constantly stammering and has little command of the language. He’s ineloquent, struggles with player names, and whatever the opposite of ‘modern’ or ‘relevant’ is...that’s Tasker. The thing is, our fan-base is loaded with dudes identical to Tasker..obsessed with the past, ineloquent, mildly-racist and just...antiquated. Barf. Anyways, Tasker is the worst. 

  3. Mannn I LOVE this pick!! Ford was a potential 1st, he’s healthy, versatile, and was a huge part of a winning program. Dude has kings blood in him. Also, it’s WAYYYY better to draft and develop your own D & O lineman then to sign them in Free-Agency. ALSO, building the lines makes things easier for Josh, Jerry, our LB’s DB’s and RB’s. It’s not flashy, it’s smart. And I appreciate a GM who isn’t playing message-board hero-ball with every pick. Go Bills!!

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