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  1. Why did Jews reject Jesus?


    Is it because many/most Jews know the Old Testament is also a fraud, that Moses was really a Midianite who was offed by Joshua and the Levites on top of Mt Sinai and replaced with a Levite priest who needed 40 days to grow a beard?  Is that why there were laws against claiming to be a "relative" of that which the Rabbis know doesn't exist?


    What kind of response do you get in Israel if you hand out the New Testament?





    News accounts in Israel have quoted Uzi Aharon, the deputy mayor of Or-Yehuda, as saying he organized students who burned several hundred copies of the New Testament. The deputy mayor gave interviews to Israeli radio and television stations after word of the incident surfaced about two weeks ago.




    And then UZI got re-elected for being a Bible burner....

  2. On 9/6/2018 at 7:39 PM, LABillzFan said:

    ask him to cite eight passages from the Bible supporting his claim that Jesus and the disciples enjoyed material gifts they received from the followers, which upset all the followers and made them choose Barabbas over Jesus.



    Of course, which demographic wrote the New Testament?  Yeah, the same one that is the only demographic to observe this guy alive, his demographic, and they reject him, consider him a fraud.  Why does any SUB think they know more about Jesus than those who actually were there observing him?


    WHERE did the "everything" go?


    The Bible doesn't say - convenient.... because the objective of the Bible is to sell the re-packaged Jesus to unChosen idiots.  


    What happened in his trial?


    Jesus refused to heal people.  Jesus refused to walk on water, or couldn't after the guards threw him in...


    What did the trial prove?


    It proved Jesus was just a man, nothing more, and he couldn't heal a hangnail.



    Now, let's go over his popularity.  If he really was healing people left and right, he would have been extremely popular.  He wasn't.  He lost his one popularity contest to a murderer....


    And the SUB arguing the Disciples stood their ground and stayed with Jesus when Jesus was "arrested," he is laughable.  The whole "Last Supper" hoax was added into the New Testament more than one hundred years later so that idiots could argue that, despite his trial, despite his Disciples bolting on him, he really was blah blah blah.



    Most of the "miracles" only had a few disciples observing.  That they bolted on Jesus is all the proof any rational person needs to see the obvious...

  3. 15 minutes ago, sherpa said:

    His disciples didn't "bolt."



    Um, yes they did.  Judas bolted first.  But when the "authorities" showed up to "arrest" Jesus, what did his disciples do?




    The only thing missing was this song....







    17 minutes ago, sherpa said:

    Nowhere is it claimed that Jesus derived anything from these people





    Indeed, there is a 2-300 year delay before Christianity/New Testament find footing.  Judaism was impressed how many people Jesus bilked. Judaism saw Jesus as someone who, with a little make-up and added BS like "Last Supper," could be sold to unChosen idiots who would then be "obligated" to "serve Israel."


    Christianity, a repackaged load of lies designed to create a group of idiot supporters for Israel.  Version one ended with the Crusades....




    18 minutes ago, LABillzFan said:

    Just throw him on ignore



    It is easier for sub humans to simply puts sheets over their heads.....

  4. So what if a GJ indicts McCabe.


    Swampy Jeff will sell out and the "indictment" will be tossed and Swampy Jeff will have that much more $$$$ in his family pockets...


    Until Swampy Jeff and Rod the Mossad are gone, nothing is coming out except petty "right before the election" indictments of early supporters of Trump on the Hill, as Jeff Sessions is obsessed with helping the Dems retake the House...

  5. Jesus and his disciples were nothing more than a simple "pyramid scheme" where all the "everything" went into their pockets and their followers got nothing.  That is why so many say Jesus was communist.  He was.  He was the Czar of his followers.


    Then he ran out of food and money.  His "disciples" bolted.  He got arrested.  He went on trial  


    Those who were bilked out of "everything" voted for Barabbas....

  6. We have 400 different answers as to where EVERYTHING went....


    Jesus ran what was essentially a religious retirement home.  You gave him everything.  He gave you a Spartan "bed" and "shelter."  He was your dictator and preacher.  He got to spend all of your wealth.  You got to hear him preach...


    5000 followers is a decent sized town.  Jesus had crops and animals.... and then something wiped all that out, almost assuredly either a flood or locust, what we call an "act of God."  - pretty funny, the phony "Son of God" got exposed and nailed to a cross because of a real act of "God."




  7. On 8/31/2018 at 5:41 PM, DC Tom said:

    I'm Mossad, remember?




    Finally, an honest answer....


    All those "Americans" in Iran... all JEWISH.... all DUAL CITIZENS of ISRAEL and the US... and the "US" media calls the "AMERICANS...."





  8. On 8/30/2018 at 5:42 PM, The_Dude said:

    Youre the “everything is the Jews fault” guy, huh?



    Never miss a chance to toss a card instead of answering a question....



    Einstein, Milton Friedman, and Joan Rivers are three of my heroes.  If Queer-O campaigns this midterm election, expect tons of Joan Rivers posters to follow his treasonous murderous cocksuckyness.... and that's because I suggested it to the right people... LOL!!!


    Now, about the Bible....


    When Jesus said "give up everything and follow me (until I am nailed to a cross)" - WHO got EVERYTHING???

    On 8/30/2018 at 6:04 PM, sherpa said:

    Whoever they wanted to,



    WRONG - the "EVERYTHING" went to JESUS

  9. What kind of CHARITY was available in the time of Jesus?  I don't think the RED CROSS existed yet....


    and you are completely WRONG as well.  "Everything" went to JESUS.




    3 minutes ago, KD in CA said:

    Did you not read the story?


    This is what is truly sad about most Christians - they PARROT, and they NEVER THINK or ask questions.


    Jesus had 5k on his land, a decent sized TOWN, and was obligated to care for them.  Jesus had them growing crops and tending animals.  Then something wiped all that out.  WHAT?



    4 minutes ago, KD in CA said:

    100B x 100B = 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 : 1



    That's the "odds" the Bible is true....



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