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  1. I'm fine with re-sugning Jackson. Keeping Fitzpatrick? I can't...just cant. I don't care about saving $$, I will not support a team with him at QB for one more game. Bright side: With this roster, coaches, and now these two uninspiring QB's, the Bills will be in great shape to select Johnny Football with the first overall pick in 2014. Disgusted. Totally disgusted.

  2. Week 1 - Buffalo at KC--Loss

    Week 2 - Oakland at Buffalo--Win

    Week 3 - New England* at Buffalo--Loss

    Week 4 - Buffalo at Cincinnati--Win

    Week 5 - Philadelphia at Buffalo--Loss

    Week 6 - Buffalo at NY Giants--Loss

    Week 8 - Washington at Buffalo--Win

    Week 9 - NYJ at Buffalo--Loss

    Week 10 - Buffalo at Dallas--Loss

    Week 11 - Buffalo at Miami--Loss

    Week 12 - Buffalo at NYJ--Loss

    Week 13 - Tennessee at Buffalo--Win

    Week 14 - Buffalo at San Diego--Loss

    Week 15 - Miami at Buffalo--Win

    Week 16 - Denver at Buffalo--Win

    Week 17- Buffalo at NE* --Loss


    Thanks again for adding a bit of fun to the season!

  3. Coming from TSW Staff I find it odd you would agree with that particular post,


    Maybe its possible staff members like you are just adding to the friction we have here because If you view Lori or Tim Grahahm as just another person on this site, fully knowing what she does and means to this forum and how much of a honor it was to have Tim Grahahm mixing it up with all the posters on TSW, what are you even doing on the staff.


    This is really an interesting topic....but...come on....as far as I know Tim Graham is a reporter for ESPN. "Honor"....I think not.

  4. Thanks again for doing this...its always fun!!


    Week 1 Buffalo vs. Miami--Win

    Week 2 Buffalo vs. Green Bay--Loss

    Week 3 Buffalo vs. New England Patriots*--Loss

    Week 4 Buffalo vs. NY Jets--Loss

    Week 5 Buffalo vs. Jacksonville Jaguars--Win

    Week 6 BYE

    Week 7 Buffalo vs. Baltimore Ravens--Loss

    Week 8 Buffalo vs. Kansas City Chiefs--Win

    Week 9 Buffalo vs. Chicago Bears--Win

    Week 10 Buffalo vs. Detroit Lions--Win

    Week 11 Buffalo vs. Cincinnati Bengals--Loss

    Week 12 Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh Steelers--Loss

    Week 13 Buffalo vs. Minnesota Vikings--Loss

    Week 14 Buffalo vs. Cleveland Browns--Win

    Week 15 Buffalo vs. Miami Dolphins--Loss

    Week 16 Buffalo vs. New England Patriots*--Win

    Week 17 Buffalo vs. NY Jets--Loss


    7 wins....

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