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3 minutes ago, sven233 said:


Cody Ford had slow and terrible feet.  Should have never been drafted.  This guy is miles better on tape.




But... he's still a Cyrus.

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5 minutes ago, finn said:

What do you suppose the plan is? Now they have three starting-quality guards. 


We will put one at MLB. Problem solved. I mean, it’s just football, right? 



I like how things are going so far. I don’t know who will play MLB, but these guys are smarter about football than I am. So far, so good, IMO. 

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Just now, PrimeTime101 said:

I know beggers can not be choosers but 

Nick Saldiveri Tackle.. DAYM... that would be an awesome finish for today. 

I think we have too many other needs, but I wouldn’t hate this. LB DT and WR are still not up to snuff 

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I like this pick for the Lions...Good value here as potential guy to develop to push Goff.  

1 minute ago, Bangarang said:

There is literally zero chance that any QB named Hendon Hooker will be good. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.


hahaha that made me laugh

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