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Transsurrection in Tennessee, Montana, Texas. Nashville manifesto leaked.

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2 hours ago, B-Man said:



Sorry ladies, priorities are priorities.





I saw a simple explanation of what's going on here.  The extremists on the left have taken people that belong in mental institutions and put them into positions of authority in academia and government.   The reason why logic and reason cannot be used to discuss or resolve anything is because the old adage has become the truth and the inmates are really running the asylums now!   

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7 hours ago, BillStime said:

Trans people don’t scare me like they scare you, Bonnie and Karen Psyop.



Huh?? I genuinely don’t even know how that’s supposed to be a coherent response to what I said. 


7 hours ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

Purple hair?


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We’re Winning the Fight Against Child Mutilation.



Our European friends have started to realize that transitioning children is harmful and have begun dialing back medical interventions on children with gender confusion. Here in the United States, however, the Biden administration has gone all in endorsing the barbaric practice, and it’s on Republican-led states to protect children from being given dangerous puberty blockers or hormone therapy, permanently sterilizing them before they are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions.


In recent years, we’ve seen more and more detransitioners speaking out about how they were duped into thinking that taking puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and cutting off healthy breasts and genitals would make their lives better — only to realize too late that the doctors they trusted had actually condemned them to a life of misery and a mutilated body. Now, Republican-led states are empowering the victims of the transgender cult to sue the medical providers who hastily enabled their transition.





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Adult human female aka Woman (a category of human being who was born with the reproductive organs that produce eggs, and has reached the conclusion of her adolescence)…


In other words, if you ain’t a female, you cannot be a woman…👍


well done good job GIF by America's Got Talent

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"Super" Sue Reiki-Smith of @TigardTualSD just accused

parents of committing "hate" in a LIVE news conference.

As a #Hazelbrookmiddleschool parent myself: Is it not a hate crime

when a boy, who dresses like a girl and who beats on girls, only because they are real girls?

For the past two years you've allowed this boy, who dress like a girl,

to beat on and terrorize girls. You allow them to go into girls' protected spaces.

You treat boys who dress like girls as if somehow they're the victims.

But now, you try to silence and gaslight the real victims.

I'm glad you've been exposed for what you are.

Stop bullshiting the public. Stop the gaslighting.

And stop threatening and blaming the Parents!





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