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Conner McGovern to Bills

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On 3/16/2023 at 5:26 PM, RichRiderBills said:

Powers got 4/51 a contract like that could be done friendly to the cap. That's likely more cap friendly than Poyer's deal. I honestly don't see Morse here forever, and frankly Dawkins is not the stud and unquestioned bookend people think he is. Very quickly we could be depleted on the oline...and not spending much money on it with those 2 gone in 1-2 years.


I really thought we needed to get one of the top Gs available in FA instead of some fringe depth guys, which we could have replaced by young guys on the draft, or UDFA. 


Its especially more important when you figure the team has been lousy at evaluating OL talent...both FAs and Draft picks. We don't have the track record with middle of the road gems in the rough that gives me blinding confidence. Guys like Feliciano, Spain, Nsekhe...then dudes like Van Roten, Quessenberry, Saffold...etc... there's a ton of flops....or at least guys who were avg at best.  


I thought it was a given the Bills were going to open up the pocket books for at least one top OL. Seems I was wrong, though there are a couple still out there I like.

I think the misconception that fans have is that players are automatically going to come to your team just because you have the money it’s more than that. It’s about relationships with agents and a lot of other considerations.


What we have not seen this year, which is kind of confused and concerned me a little bit as we haven’t seen an influx of talent coming in, wanting to play on a contender


It’s not that we’re not a contender we are

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