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Chad Hall leaves for Jags


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1 minute ago, PatsFanNH said:

Well you have 1 WR runs a great route but drops the ball a lot, not sure how a WR coach fixed that.. and then you have a bunch long shots like 98% of the league not called the Bengals. Lol



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He was well liked, but our receivers haven't exactly been developing well. They are all the same or worse than they were when they got here, outside of maybe Diggs. But Diggs flourished with the increased opportunity and his connection with Josh Allen, not because he got great coaching from Hall.

4 minutes ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:

I'm happy for this. 






We were trending towards bringing everyone else back. All coaches. All people. 


Let's see if we can do better than Chad Hall. 


McDermott won't change, people quitting on him will force some movement from complacency. 

Why do you think McDermott won't change? He fired his offensive coordinator after one year and then brought in Daboll. He has made numerous coaching changed over the years, including multiple positional coaches, like the oline coach, dline coach, etc. He makes changes like every year to the coaching staff.

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Sometimes it's just time for a change/fresh start for all involved. He has been here six years, how much more were the receivers going to learn from him at this point? No question, his players loved him...but it was also a very down year for the position. I'm not laying all of that at Chad's feet, there were so many other factors involved (injuries, new OC, etc.), but I have a feeling that McBeane just thought it was time for a new voice/different personality in that room (especially if his contract was indeed up).


And this regime is known for letting guys find another job first when they are going to move on from someone, so they don't have to "fire" or not "resign" them. Obviously Chad is a good coach and was going to find another job, just had to wait for the dust of the season to settle a bit.


Could be similar to the firing of Salgado (from the teaching aspect). We will probably be bringing in some young WRs (along with Shakir and Gabe) and maybe they want to bring in a guy that has a proven track record of coaching up young WRs. Or, like I said before, maybe it was just time for a new voice/perspective in that room. Sometimes someone coming in fresh can see things that the current person might not be able to see clearly, due to familiarity or relationships, etc. (the old idea of when you live in the monkey house, you get used to the smell and don't notice it anymore---maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point).


Call me a Homer, but this seems like the most plausible scenario to me...as opposed to Chad seeing that the Bills are a sinking ship with MCBeane and he's getting while the getting is good because he's going to become OC in Jacksonville within a year and win a Super Bowl there way before the Bills ever win one, while at the same time saving on his taxes. 😁


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1 hour ago, HappyDays said:

I can't pretend that I care about positional coaches. Aaron Kromer was supposed to whip our OL into shape, and instead they turned in a miserable performance for most of the year. I don't blame Kromer, you can't magically turn bad players into good players. I can't imagine any WR coach is really that much better than any other, there are no secret techniques that Chad Hall taught. So, whatever.


"Catching with hands" is a technique that is only secret to Hall and Gabe Davis, apparently.

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1 hour ago, arcane said:

Let's hear your thoughtful analysis on how the Bills have overlooked something so obvious to your astute eye, something that would make McBean and Terry smack their forehead and say, Doh! Why didn't we fire this guy instead of that guy?


For God's sake you don't know everything, quit being a petulant crybaby 


The bills have reasons far beyond what we can see for what they do, and they make plenty of sense with the extremely limited information we have unless you want to stamp around and make this place unreadable as it has been the last 2 weeks 

That rant didn't really address either of the questions I've posed in this thread. 

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5 hours ago, LabattBlue said:

…or maybe he felt he should have been hired as the OC, waited to see if Dorsey was on solid ground after a mediocre 1st year as OC, and when he found out Dorsey was going nowhere, he bolted. 

this team as is structured now with Beane / McDermott and Co. is going nowhere and that isn't necessarily an indictment of Dorsey (who I like) in his singular year of being a coordinator.


mcdermott has squandered talent on the team for 2 years with lack luster performances. Beane would rather sign an aged up veteran (Miller) than someone who is already a part of the "Process" and contributed.


so sad that we are wasting Allen's best years with this ***** show of production and we will waste a year in 2023 following the McDermott train again.

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Contract was up Bills moved on.  not sure why he gets that many accolades to be honest.  Non - vet talent aren't developing fast enough that is his job.  Does he really need to teach Diggs, Beasley, Saunders anything?  


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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