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Roll Call for Detroit 2.0


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1 minute ago, LittleSammy said:

The "authentic" Detroit style pizza has the sauce on the top over the cheese and toppings. Good pizza overall. But, the things I miss after moving to Detroit from WNY are the WNY pizza, real Buffalo wings and a good haddock fish fry. The fish fry options here are limited to cod pieces, which suck or perch/ walleye.

I just like good Pizza and identify Detroit style more for the crust and the quality of toppings (although I know it's technically sauce) with the deep dish being about an inch, always square. I love Buddy's, but my all time favorite is Primo's on 7 mile in Livonia. Check it out if you get a chance. Here in Ohio, I can basically only pick from chains. The pizza is poor. I'm sure some cities have some options but not much for Pizza in the Toledo and surrounding area. I will overpay for chain Detroit style (Jets). I think all of us are somewhat bias to what we had growing up, but I would love to compare my experiences to WNY. I'm just a food head in general. I grew up in the Livonia area for reference. Went to the Thanksgiving Bills/Lions game in 1994. Would be there today if I wasn't a few days out of surgery. Good to see some Bills fans here living in that area, enjoy the game! Go Bills!   

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