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Predict the score BILLS - lions 🦁 back in Detroit


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If this turns into a passing shoot out the Bills secondary losses.....LIons 27 Bills 24.....

If the Bills can run the ball and control the clock....Bills 24 Lions 17


I am, as usual, very nervous about this one....

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Bills - 23

Lions - 20


Bass-o-matic in the dome proves clutch again with, ho-hum, at least 3 more field goals. Half the board once again implodes due to lack of offense as if some points count more than others. Von Miller has a day.

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First off happy Thanksgiving to all.


This game is a very interesting one on paper. The Lions are no joke offensively. They mix the run and pass very well. Williams is a TD machine in the red zone. I believe their red zone offense is top 5 in the league. We all know about the Bills red zone issues. Bills do catch a break as they have a couple of starting oline man out or banged up. Key is pressuring Goeff who will make mistakes under duress.


Defensively the Lions are not very good. The Bills offense should have their way with them via both running and passing. Last week, the Lions stacked the box to stop Barkley. Forcing Jones to beat them. I don't think that strategy works against Allen and Diggs, Davis, and Knox. Bills catch a huge break with their best CB Okuda out. 


Lastly, the home field advantage should be huge for the Lions. They are expecting a record crowd on Thanksgiving day. The young team is playing well with 3 wins in a row. The Bills still seem to be finding their way. A win by the Lions puts them in playoff contention. 


Lastly, the Bills are an experienced team and should be able to handle the circumstances. 


Bills 31


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