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Sunday's game vs Cleveland is being moved to Detroit


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4 hours ago, Chandler#81 said:



How the heck are all these people getting to Detroit in this weather.   That is amazing!



4 hours ago, zow2 said:

The Bills Delta plane is officially wheels up at 5:20pm



Was listening around noon to Vic Carruci on NFL radio.  At that point he was saying the plane was scheduled to leave at 3:30.  Guess it was a little late, maybe waiting on everyone to to arrive to airport.  Doubt it could have been weather delays?



4 hours ago, Beast said:

I really am surprised they made it out.


WNYers, take a bow. You are something special rallying around our team.


I'm sure they will also be taking some heat from some criticizing the fact that NY State resources were being diverted to helping the Bills get out of town when there are many other worse issues right now.  I kind of suspect the airport re opened solely for the Bills to depart.  But realistically the Bills are the biggest act in town.  

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I’ve been a covering advocate. But I have to say my Detroit $30 tix have me “all in”. Holy crap Detroit 19F 20 mph and I am looking forward to cold Pilsner at 67F. Folks, at some point we have to look at this as entertainment vs. testosterone bull sh#t. . 

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10 minutes ago, chongli said:


So who's the guy to Josh's left in the first pic?


8 minutes ago, Dan said:

The OC. Ken Dorsey


8 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:


I'm sorry but I am super dyslexic , isn't Josh on the left? Or is this left right upside down around thing getting me again?

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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