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Would you replace Ken Dorsey with Frank Reich?


Would you replace Ken Dorsey with Frank Reich?  

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  1. 1. Would you replace Ken Dorsey with Frank Reich?

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    • No, it’s too soon

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I saw people clamoring for Frank Reich on Twitter the other day and it made me think of this question.  


From what I’ve read Reich is happy to take a break from the NFL and spend time with his family (while collecting Irsay’s money).  His sights are set on choosing his job next season - whether it’s as head coach or OC.  So obviously this is all hypothetical, but a fun topic nonetheless…


If it was up to you, would you trade Ken Dorsey for Frank Reich?  On paper it seems like a slam dunk but there are a few things to consider:


We’re only 9 games into the Dorsey tenure as OC and I don’t think there’s been enough time to completely assess his job.  He’s had some good moments and bad but he also hasn’t been a complete train wreck that you’d midseason.  Keep in mind he was Daboll’s first choice to call plays, so there’s a chance that he could be a very good OC - we just don’t know yet.  

The human dynamic - remember Dorsey was Josh’s first choice to succeed Daboll.  Would replacing Dorsey, somewhat prematurely,  piss off the most important player on the team?  

Reich’s offense in Indianapolis - FR has a reputation as a good offensive mind based largely on his work in Philadelphia.  But his offenses in Indianapolis were often inconsistent.  Of course, there are all kinds of reasons for that (QB) but his teams typically had lots of highs and lows in Indy.  

The dynamic of Reich returning to Buffalo - Reich is among one of the most memorable and well-loved players in team history . The Pegulas and Sean McDermott always spoke highly of him.  This is a move that fans will definitely get excited about.

So if you had to make the call today, what would you do?

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No.  Reich is a good coach, but his all time average offense is 15th in yards and 11th in points.  The guy everyone wants to replace is currently 1st in yards and 2nd in points.


Nostalgia and hysteria may support the action to remove Dorsey for Reich. Neither,  Logic or statistics back up the move.

3 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

No. Time to draft OL.

Andrew Vorhees OG USC in the 1st.

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I voted no, but it's tempting..  and it's not all because it seems like Dorsey is struggling .. I do think he'll figure it out, but Reich likely gives us stability at OC for a few years, at least.  Dorsey, if/when, he gets his act together, immediately becomes a HC candidate this offseason or next. 


That said, this isn't Madden, and we'd be a laughingstock to do it right now.  


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NFN, but Frank screwed the pooch in INDY as the play caller...offensive brain trust.


Dorsey is a rookie OC and will learn as he goes.


Although, right now Josh Allen is putting so much of the offense on his shoulders and that needs change. The Bills had the run game working in the first half and went away from it in the second half for some reason. 


Six Buffalo RB runs in the entire second half from what I see. 


I'm more concerned about the amount of offense that supposed top Buffalo defense gave up to the Vikings. 481 offensive yards, 24 first downs and a LOOOOONG run by Dalvin Cook for a TD...81 yards!


The 4 turnovers killed the team...not the OC!

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10 minutes ago, Donuts and Doritos said:

Frank would run a different offense. We'd never adjust in time, the season would be lost. This is an off season move, if it gets made at all.

I agree. We gotta finish this season out with Dorsey and see if he improves?  But I wouldn't rule out Payton as HC & Frank as OC down the road. Josh is the future of this organization. Not the over-rated defense.  I want to surround him with as much offensive help as possible. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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