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Week 11 Weather: Winter Storm Watch in place for this weekend, potential for major snowfall


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38 minutes ago, ExiledInIllinois said:

Bills to Toronto?

Bears when they played in Champaign when Soldier was being renovated?


Likely would face passport/border crossing issues. Teams would need to know well in advance for any international travel to ensure no issues with that.

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32 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:


LOL, good examples. NY/NY and LA/LA dont count. But Tampa/Jax definitely does. Curious what they do there.


Ravens/WFT is a good one too. I could see that being driven.


Wonder about that Tampa/Jax tho...

Too many caveats you're adding. 😉 😜 

They are outta conference so once every 4 years...


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55 minutes ago, IronMaidenBills said:

Most of the heaviest snow will not fall during the game. 

The problem they had the last time this happened was clearing the stands of snow, and the field of snow, and then finding a place to put the snow.  They intended on using a type of fire breathing dragon (okay, not a real dragon, but same idea) to melt the snow once it was out of the stadium, but it couldn't happen in time.

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2 hours ago, ExiledInIllinois said:

Yeah.  And they probably take a bus from Cleveland.  I can't see them flying for that trip. 

Ashtabula to Hamburg is absolutely brutal through Erie and Southern Tier at times. I white knuckled that drive dozens of times right down middle of I90... 


As long as they don't let Myles Garrett drive the bus they should be alright...

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24 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:


I looked it up. Jax-Tampa is over 3 hours. They're flying that.


Ravens/WFT might be the only legit one. Maybe Philly/NY, that is less than 2 hours to Jersey.

Eagles Ravens. 1.5 hour drive

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5 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:


I still think they fly it. They probably send the equipment ground which lets them charter a smaller plane. But my money is on flying.

When flying private/charter all the time spent on getting to the airport early for security, checking/collecting baggage, etc., goes out the window. I’d guess on them still flying it too

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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