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Never heard this...Ninkovich says Bills visiting locker room is the worst in the NFL by far

Big Turk

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1 hour ago, NickelCity said:

This is always one of the more amusing annual threads. It was particularly funny during the drought when there was the "screw the away team / home field advantage" crowd arguing with the "build a modern luxurious locker room to increase our reputation and help lure free agents" folks.

Our home locker room and state of the art training facility definitely lured FAs I believe 

This is wonderful to hear, take every advantage possible.  Love hearing this

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1 hour ago, LabattBlue said:

On a tour during an event at the stadium a few years back, they took you in the visitors locker room, but not the Bills.  I will confirm, it is terrible.  😂




The Bills stadium facilities are awful. Absolutely awful.


They are not NFL level, or even D1 college level.


The training facility and domed field is obviously  nice, but the actual stadium facilities for players and teams are total crap.

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1 hour ago, LeGOATski said:

The Bills should put a trough in there.

The first time I went to the stadium was back in 2006. I was shocked to see troughs in the bathrooms. I haven't been back to the stadium until this past Sunday vs Pittsburgh. I thought for sure, after 16 years normal urinals had been installed. So much for that thought!

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I’ll say what I always say to these topics.


I hope the heat conveniently doesn’t work on 10/30, 11/13, 11/20, 12/11, and 12/18.  

What’s good for the goose, sauce for the Gardner.


I also take turns with guys (staff) all eat Mexican the night before 12/18, and conveniently share what they eat at that bathroom with no courtesy flush.  Use what you have.  Only that game though. Screw the fish.

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