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Best TV Theme ever (provide link)

Pine Barrens Mafia

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2 hours ago, ChevyVanMiller said:

So many good ones already mentioned, here are two more that deserve to be recognized:


Come on, you know that you know every word by heart. Maybe the greatest ear worm theme song ever.



If you grew up in WNY you know this awesome theme song featuring the one and only Mr. Vincent (The music is a song called, “March of the Martians.”





Frightenstein!  Man that's a trip...Canadian show out of CHCH in Hamilton.  Loved the Wolfman DJ 😁

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Anyone remember this show?  My buddies and I LOVED THIS whenever that was...some time in the mid to late '70s? 


I have to say, listening to the theme song just now...it's rather dated and cheesy!  LOL.  We loved it back then.




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2 hours ago, muppy said:

lol you guys can yuck it up. But in my (or maybe even your wives life) this song played every single day since the 70's...and it is beautiful IMO




I remember learning that as "Nadia's Theme" on piano as a kid before learning it was the theme song for that show.

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