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This place is so cathartic after losses.


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8 hours ago, BobBelcher said:

definitely paints a target on their back, like NE last year.  And like NE, we will probably WANT to see them in playoffs too.  Just hope we can stay healthy.  

We should be able to stack W’s after the bye…. But I’m a tad bit concerned about how we will be looking going into the bye, both record-wise and injury-wise. 

Ravens, Steelers, chiefs… those are gonna be 3 more very physical games. Smh.  I know this might sound good to anyone right now, because we all want to be 5-1 going into that bye, but I’d be plenty satisfied with 4-2 / 2-1 over the next 3……. Just with knowing what our schedule looks like coming out of the Bye


unfortunately, Miami’s schedule is a lot more vanilla tho (imo) so we need the Bengals to take care of biz (I think at home?)

I’m the same way…on a single game basis I’m not at all worried.  That was one of the flukey-ist losses we have ever had...even more so than the wind game.  At least in the wind game it was pretty clear NE was running the football well.


We went down to 100 degree Miami on a short week missing 6 starters, lost an additional 5 starters and still outgained them by hundreds of yards and doubled their time of possession.  I think we win that game 90 times out of 100.  Could make our upcoming schedule tough though depending on the injuries.  I think Miami’s luck is going to run out and they’re going to start dropping some games to decent teams 

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