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Super Bowl halftime show - Rihanna


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24 minutes ago, RocCityRoller said:


When she covers 'Maneater' or 'Barricuda', then I think we will have seen the epiphany. 🤣


Won't mind looking at those legs during half time.

‘Blank Space’ is all her making fun of herself for being a nutter. I’d say it’s pretty self-aware, self-deprecating, and a catchy tune at that.

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1 hour ago, KCNC said:

Truly don't care.  As long as the Bills are in it, they could have Tiny Tim perform and I still would not care.

That would be horrible! He never washed when he was alive. Imagine the smell when they open his casket on stage!😳🤢🤮

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54 minutes ago, Just Jack said:


But is it her poor choice in men, or that once men start dating her, they see she is bat ***** crazy and leave her? 

I think she picks her men so she can write a future song about what Richards they were.


At least there probably won't be a bunch of guys dancing with jockstraps on their heads.

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1 hour ago, Stevie Ray said:

Now how will the NFL deal with the entire stadium getting up to go to the bathroom during halftime?


Hopefully they don’t throw urinal cakes in the sinks. That seems to confuse people. 

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