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Blackshear isn't going anywhere!


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31 minutes ago, Tanoros said:

However, the spotty number 2 (Moss) was coming back from ankle injury last season, and all reports are he wasn’t 100% last year. So the coaching staff would be able to see if Moss looks like the 2020 version or 2021 version. In the limited action we saw, he looked good. 

Yes we are losing Singletary, but we also drafted Cook in round 2 (highest drafted rb of this regime). By all accounts Cook also looked good, he certainly did during his preseason reps. 

So we have Singletary looking good, Moss healthy and looking good, and our 2nd round rookie looking good. Not that Blackshear shouldn’t get the reps, but it makes sense that the three noted above got them before Blackshear. Blackshear would have had to show something significant to dictate otherwise, or one of those 3 other rbs would have had to look bad, opening the door for Blackshear, but that wasn’t the case. 

Lastly, regardless of Blackshear getting reps with the 1’s or not, he didn’t get claimed off of waivers, meaning as good as he looked, other teams didn’t see enough to pick him up. So the Bills staff are not alone in their judgement. Obviously no one is perfect, but they’ve done enough to warrant the benefit of the doubt (from my perspective at least) 


im not pounding the table since he cleared wavers anyways. just basically commenting on people who say high performers only playing backups are nothing to really get excited about. you can only play the man in front of you so its a no win situation. im not sure this team is really sold on moss. a pass protect thumper for shrt yrdage redzones is something teams need but not worthy of its own spot if a hb can be all around. i dont think moss can ever be a #1 and don't think cook has the size for that role. singletary seems like hes filling into a good all around but i dont think we pay him big money after this year.


so i agree with everything your saying. just throwing out a alternate perspective.

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