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Remaining Roster Battles


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19 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


I think you are pretty much correct.... my only quibbles would be I'm not sure OJ Howard is a total lock. I think the Bills want him to be, and the contract would suggest it but boy, oh boy, he does not look impressive at all. I don't like it but I don't think it is beyond the realm of possibility that Sweeney retains that 2nd spot and Howard is cut. Remember the whole Jacob Hollister thing? We all presumed he was nailed on as the 2nd guy and he got cut.


I also don't think 9 DL is a total lock, though I agree that it is very likely given their history. But if Shaq doesn't seal that job they might feel comfortable that at least two of Love, Bryant and Ankou could be snuck through to the PS and then activated on gamedays if required? Maybe they even feel Shaq might make it to the PS? So I extend your defense question to Cam Lewis vs Spector vs 9th DL (2 out of 3 make it). I think this decision comes down to who is easier to sneak through to PS and while they have managed that with Cam Lewis the last two years, I fear he might get picked up off waivers now mainly because he can play inside / outside and last year he played 35% of the Bills special teams snaps. I could imagine a bottom feeder team looking at that versatility and saying "worth the risk."


As for the "final 4" as you have termed it.... I think Jones is pretty close to being locked in and then it comes down again to who you feel good about sneaking onto the PS - I think you feel good about Blackshear and Morris getting there so they miss the 53. Then Austin is out unless he wins the returner job (anyone know why he didn't play on Saturday? Is he injured?) so it comes down to the three receivers and Sweeney and one of them misses out. TBH if I was picking it'd be Sweeney, I just think he is a marginal NFL talent and we lack depth at outside receiver so I'd be willing to roll the dice on Hodgins. 



The guys at Cover1 debate the Lewis v Taiwan.  I lean toward the keeping Lewis over Jones.


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34 minutes ago, TPS said:

The guys at Cover1 debate the Lewis v Taiwan.  I lean toward the keeping Lewis over Jones.


Fans are much lower on Taiwan Jones than the Bills. Their actions on Saturday suggest to me Jones is already a lock in their eyes. Personally I still see a route to getting Lewis on the team as well. 

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18 hours ago, HardyBoy said:


We have literally no clue how he is being graded. He's throwing timing routes to spots on the field. They had backup receivers against the colts starting dbs.


Really good chance the bills receivers couldn't get off press and hit their spots in time and Keenum was making anticipation throws to the right spot, at the right time based on his reads. Or he was forced to hold it longer because guys were not hitting their markers and the pocket would collapse or the window would be gone.


He is not Josh Allen who can excel in that situation playing outside of the system, but does not mean he cannot be highly effective within the system. Basing his value with a third string OL and basically a ST only receiver playing in the #2 spot. He looked pretty good throwing to Shakir, who I would think was the only starting WR getting consistent separation early in the game and hitting his routes, though will wait for people to analyze the all-22.


Really want to see what Hodgins looks like against #1 cbs...his release off the line on that deep catch was twitchy as heck!


Possibly true to an extent, but him overthrowing high several times (a few of which resulted in picks) was not the result of him throwing a timing route that the receiver was not in position for. That's just a miss on the QB. And he threw high numerous times... badly. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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