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1st half thread: Bills vs Colts preseason week 1


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Just now, WyoAZBillfan said:

Back ups looking decent for a series apiece. Going to be a fun season. 
Go Bills!!

Yep. Our backups look a lot better right now than their starters.

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3 minutes ago, HurlyBurly51 said:

wow, my feed is a good 2 plays behind you guys

Radio and TV are not in sync.  Local TV station here in Indy has a 30 second delay.

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1 minute ago, Freddie's Dead said:

Crowder gotta make that catch.


1 minute ago, CSBill said:

Crowder will not be making this team!


1 minute ago, Rico said:

Crowder looking Jetsy.

That was a really bad ball from keenum.

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