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Training Camp practice 8/2


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1 minute ago, Beck Water said:

Of the list of starting OL not practicing:


Boettger rehabbing Achilles

Saffold injured ribs in auto accident

Brown had back problems last season and back surgery in off season, rehabbing back


What's going on with Ryan Bates? 


He wasn’t used to carrying as much weight in his wallet as he did this off-season? That can cause hip dysplasia and other such ailments.

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7 minutes ago, Johnnycage46 said:


So if we are to believe this tweet...Hyde is now Roger Saffold and he has aged to 62?!?!

I think he’s referring to #62 - Greg Mancz.

Google should probably set up language translation for Kindig.  He’s a tough read.

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Just now, Mango said:

Jesus Astro. At least spell the dudes name correctly. 

He's probably using voice to text just to pump out updates for information hungry people. 


You guys need to lighten up a bit.

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13 minutes ago, Doc said:

I'd really like to know why Josh overreacted.  Was very out-of-character.


Out of character from the guy who grabbed a Texans linebacker by the pads and took him down as he went OOB on a run?

From the guy who grabbed one Rams defender by the face mask, used him to take down another Rams defender before throwing him down, stiff armed Aaron Donald, then threw the all away?




Look at the list of OLmen who aren't practicing.  Josh has the JV in front of him and he's getting harried and harrassed in a manner to which he is not accustomed at training camp. Buscaglia reported out of 26 snaps, Oliver had 2 sacks, 3 pressures, and 1 TFL.  Other guys on the line are also getting home.  They can't "sack" the QB, but the DLmen push it a bit.  Oliver took Allen to the ground - "pushed into him" or "tripped".  The others are "tapping" him to make sure he knows they're there and I"m sure some of those taps have force behind them. 


They're pushing the "no contact" line, nothing to see here, that always happens in training camp and practice, but the Swiss Cheese in front of him means it's happening more and harder.  And they're "playing to the echo of the whistle" again, nothing to see here, coached that way.


It seems Josh felt BigJ9797 went over the line and hit him on his throwing shoulder after the whistle.  He took offense to that.  I'm sure they worked it out, when Phillips was here before he was apparently a friend and mentor to Josh and had his back.


In the long run, it's going to be good for the offense to have to struggle and overcome adversity in practice, but if we don't put some credible OL in there soon it's going to go to the heads of the DLmen.





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23 minutes ago, Beck Water said:




Interesting drill from Chad Hall for the WR, is this common?

Isn't Parrino the reporter with the fighting background?

One thing to take away from this, we knew Davis was a monster working out this offseason. But he is a freaking beast. Going to be really tough for people to guard. 

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12 minutes ago, Mango said:

Jesus Astro. At least spell the dudes name correctly. 

 And again….


You guys are awfully particular for folks who are getting a free information feed from a volunteer crew.


Ro-roh for Speedy:



"pulled up limping" hammy or groin?


Maybe foot.


Edited by Beck Water
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56 minutes ago, costrovs said:


Mika is it dress but in the corner by the peloton bikes as he is Roger Saffold and 62.


WTF did this guy just say?? lol

Mika is it dress



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