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Rogue Agency: FBI & DOJ Corruption: Regime Gestapo/FBI Raids 45th POTUS Private Residence

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47 minutes ago, ChiGoose said:

And here I thought they backed the blue.


Maybe they only like the police when the police go after the “right” people. 

That’s correct. Yet another Freudian slip Goose.  

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2 hours ago, ChiGoose said:


What part of searching the home of a private citizen who had classified documents is an abuse of power? Was the FBI abusing their power when they investigated Hillary's email server?

I'm not clear the classification of these documents has been publicly divulged.  I don't think the raid had anything to do with those documents.  By accounts the President's legal team was cooperating with the government and had been following all instructions they received.  Garland said they'd be submitting motions to release the warrant and the list of items seized by the FBI.  But I'd like to know exactly what information and testimony was presented to the judge to establish probable cause and sign off on a warrant?  My gut says the DOJ/FBI was running the broken taillight routine.  A traffic cop sees a car with a broken taillight and uses it as probable cause to stop the vehicle and conduct a search.  On a fishing trip in an attempt to find "something".  The DOJ/FBI used the document search as a pretext to obtain a warrant to search the premises in order to find "something else".  That something else I believe is 1/6 "evidence".  So is the AG and the DOJ, and the FBI director and the FBI doing work for the 1/6 House Committee?  That would be troublesome.  I expect the government isn't too eager to reveal anything about what they told the judge.  If that turns out to be true, the AG needs to recuse himself and provide a public explanation.


Hillary's server situation was completely different.  She had an illegal server set up that held confidential and secret electronic records and e-mails that were hacked by Russian and Chinese operatives.  Mostly in order to avoid freedom of information act requests keeping her correspondence on a Dept of State server would expose her to.  The FBI basically did nothing.  They should have seized the servers and performed a complete forensic examination.  But they let her slide, as usual.



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Why did Trump need documents relating to our nuclear arsenal at his pedo resort?


How much was he hoping to sell those off for?


JFC thank god the FBI did what they did.



Defend this @DRsGhost - I’m sure Julie or Kristopher has more fake news for you to cover up the most corrupt administration in our lifetime.

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Another day, another reason to rue to deletion of the 700 page "Q Analysis" thread started by the late great (or does he survive here as his own Ghost?) Deranged Rhino.


Ahh, but I'm no Joe Biden. I remember it all:




The god of Q himself, when asked who we can trust in the bureaucracy, said ...

... Trust Wray. 


So let's trust that he knows what he's doing and he's on the side of goodness and light.


I'm sure DR would agree!

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3 hours ago, Niagara Bill said:

So Lenny, trying not to go over the top. But NOT ALL repubs are fascists, but maybe 10m are. You know all the Poor Boys, Parkland, Sandy Hook denying lovely folks. The rest are being fooled or just hate the left so much. I get that. 

But Trump talks like a wannabee dictator. It is what it is.

I keep thinking people won’t surprise or disappoint me, but then I read something like this.    It is what it is, indeed. 



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