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Capitol One The Match (Allen Tattoo)

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31 minutes ago, NewEra said:

Looks like Josh is playing 18 prior to “the match”.  My boy will be his caddie for both rounds. That mfer better get his number!!

Or at least get his tattoo signed

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10 hours ago, Warcodered said:

Basically the same thing as this is I'm guessing the plan.




They must be thrilled that L'il Dirty changed his number to 6...

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3 hours ago, The Wiz said:

I have a decal/sticker of this on my car and have had random people give me thumbs up and smack the back window. 


Recently one of my brothers friends asked me why I have a ***** buffalo on my window and had to show him the video. 


Apparently only the nutjobs know Allen's bad buffalo drawing. 

I have a sticker on my car, a shirt, and a blanket with the potato Buffalo logo. Love it!  

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8 hours ago, TampaBillsJunkie said:

This is actually on someone's body? Yikes!


6 hours ago, beerme1 said:

Please tell me it's not real.

If I remember correctly, it's just a photoshopped design.  This has been posted a couple of times over the last few years.

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22 hours ago, ALF said:

Mahomes and Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen will team up to take on Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers on Wednesday at Wynn Las Vegas. The 12-hole, match-play event for charity begins at 5:30 p.m. Central Time on TNT.


According to WynnBet Sportsbook, Brady and Rodgers are heavily favored to beat Mahomes and Allen. This is hardly a surprise considering that Rodgers has the best handicap of any player in this group by far.

While Brady's handicap ranks slightly lower than that of Mahomes, they are still ranked closely together while Allen lags behind the field.

Player    Handicap
Aaron Rodgers    4.6
Patrick Mahomes    7.7
Tom Brady    8.1
Josh Allen    9.0



Per today's Skurski article in the Buffalo News, Mahomes is currently playing to a 13.2 handicap.  Josh whittled it down to an 8.1 playing out of Crag Burn, which is probably a 5 or 6 at most other places.


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This team seems to genuinely like spending time with one another, and I believe this will carry over into the dog days of Summer and the waiting test of the season…these guys can become legendary for Buffalo! 

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1 hour ago, Bangarang said:

I wish Josh was my dad

I wish he was my son and my brother and my dad

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