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RD 1, Pick 23: CB Kaiir Elam, Florida


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1 minute ago, RichRiderBills said:


It's not just the culture- Gators had huge issues on defense and got toasted early and often.


Elam never popped to me the way most of our past 1st round DBs have. 


Was actually shocked when they said he was a 1st rd pick. 

Look at 2020 season. He had a knee injury and did not play at 100%

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5 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:

Great press zone/man type, with loads of athletic ability.


Let's not forget what happened against KC, getting absolutely toasted by Hill and Kelce.  


We had a HUGE need for speed, both at CB and playmakers.  2nd rounder will be a speed guy on offense.



His press ability should stop Kelce from killing us.

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9 minutes ago, Aaronthebaron said:

I really wanted Andrew Booth Jr, had a great feeling about him. I’ll trust McDermott knows CB’s better than me, though, it’s kind of his thing.

I'm sure the Bills doctors didn't clear Booth. He's clearly the superior CB. But the injury concerns...

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I feel underwhelmed since I was sure we were picking Booth. I am gonna trust Beane and McDermott on this one just feels weird.


What I really don't like is that we gave up 4th rounder. I understand the reasoning but for it to make sense we needed to have Elam much higher than any next guy. Something just feels off.


Anyway, since Elam is a Bill now I will root for him. I am going to read through this thread and hopefully there will be enough of you happy with this pick to make me excited.

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6 minutes ago, Rc2catch said:

You seen Beanes draft board? 

nope - but saw every game of johnson at fsu including in person and i’m telling you he's better than anyone they have not named von miller

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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