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RD 1, Pick 23: CB Kaiir Elam, Florida


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Just now, NewEra said:

We traded up for him, 1 pick away and Booth and Gordon on the board. LOL.  That happened..


and now the jets gets Johnson.  Jets killed it.  Luckily we have 17

Considering Beane said he's the last one he had 1st round grade on that makes sense.

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For all those wondering why the Bills traded up: I can only assume that either the Ravens told them they had other teams trying to move up, or they had intel that the Cowboys liked Elam themselves.

Maybe Beane just got antsy, since Elam was the last player on their board with a 1st round grade. 

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16 minutes ago, BillsVet said:


They also don't have Jake Kumerow as their backup Z and X receiver.  And have a All-Pro level TE.  


Buffalo's strategy is not build up their defense with other teams (LVR, KC, LAC, CIN) featuring multiple top receivers paired with a QB.  


Drafting defense given current rules doesn't work.  But McD gonna put that round peg in the square hole no matter what. 



KC’s back up WR are Josh Gordon, Justin Watson and Cornell Powell.  Are you kidding me?  Those 3 had a total of 12 catches last year.   

You just get your panties in a wad everything McDermott.  Grow up my god.

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11 minutes ago, BarleyNY said:

The Bills going CB was obvious. A small trade up was necessary to keep them from getting jumped for their guy.  Apparently they didn’t have Booth or another CB ranked closely.

To quote a former Bills head coach, obvs

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If we Bills fans have learned anything about Beane & McD... it's that they know CBs. Ya think Tre White would have lasted until pick 27 if other teams knew what McD knew?


They didn't trade up for no reason either as they might have been thinking that NE who also needs a CB might have been attempting to trade up. We don't know. 


I'm not going to worry about it either.  The Bills got their guy. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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