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Packers Signing Sammy Watkins To 1 Year Deal


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4 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


We couldn't have had Mike at 7 without also trading up. I wanted Mike Evans so bad though. If we had just picked him at #4 people would think very differently about the trade up. 



Yeah.........but, of course,  the play was to just sit still and draft Aaron Donald.    And that really shouldn't have come down to hindsight.


That should be a lesson to all the people who are prioritizing need over BPA..........the best player at a need position can end up miles short of the BPA.   

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6 hours ago, Malazan said:


I agree with you except nothing is ever "always". For example, I think the Bills should likely be trading up this year. I'd rather have 4 players who likely can make the roster over 8 players where maybe 2 of are likely to do it..

Likely story.

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5 hours ago, eball said:


Edited for accuracy.


Maybe not statistically great, but fulfilling nonetheless.  


I'd take his career over a lot of other, more prolific WRs.  

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1 hour ago, YoloinOhio said:

5 teams in last 7 years

i can’t believe anyone can even debate whether Watkins is a bust or not. The market has spoken. 

in GB, he is being brought in to try to replicate the production of Valdes-Scandling— 25 catches; 400 yards. He is a low-end third option. 

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13 hours ago, msw2112 said:


I believe we had #9.  We traded up to get Watkins.  Evans went at 7 to the Bucs and I think that OBJ went at 12 to the Giants.  Aaron Donald went at 13 to the Rams.  If only....




Sorry about the small image size....

Probably wouldn’t have drafted any of those players anyways.


Most likely would have doubled down and re-drafted Torell Troup.

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15 hours ago, Chas56 said:

Colleges should be embarrassed to graduate someone who communicates like that. It seems that no one, people or institutions, have any shame anymore.

I’d bet you 1 American Coca-Cola that you are smarter than your boss. 

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I'll be honest --  after his rookie season (when he had Kyle Orton throwing him the ball), I thought we had something special. Then he battled nagging injuries the next couple of seasons, got traded to the Rams, received an inexplicably grandiose contract -- and (aside from a few shining moments with the Chiefs) has really been a disappointment ever since.

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14 hours ago, NewEra said:

I initially thought you were talking about the dolphins and blasting on your boy Tua

Tua still has much to prove, but he is alredy 10x better than EJ was when Whaley saw fit to give away the store for a receiver (a move that most posters here applauded I might add). 

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