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Wentz traded to Washington


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1 hour ago, junior said:


Every team makes mistakes, but at least they identified the problem quickly and got out from underneath it ASAP. Better than digging your heels in, refusing to acknowledge you effed up and take action.


Agreed - and for Washington, they did not have a QB on the roster.  I assume they're still after a rookie, but this is like the EJ manuel draft for QBs - do you draft the best of the bunch?  Or overpay and get the Alex smith of available QBs like the chiefs did in 2013.  Adding Reid probably helped more - but adding smith they went from 2-14 to 11-5.  All the draft got was a bunch of mediocre guys drafted above their slot.  


In this same scenario Trubiskey is the Kevin Kolb of 2013.  Maybe Matt cassel, but either way - history isn't really on his side

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12 minutes ago, That's No Moon said:

So teams have now given up Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, a 2016 1st, 2016 3rd, 2016 4th, 2017 1st, 2018 2nd, 2021 3rd, 2022 1st, 2022 second, 2022 3rd and a conditional 2023 3rd to acquire Carson Wentz.

It's like Boardwalk in Monopoly, you trade in your assets for the property and put a house on it, then no one ever lands on it and you go broke and have to mortgage property.

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3 hours ago, Alphadawg7 said:

How is this possible?  I was told by a bunch of people here this was impossible when I said Wentz was either done in Indy or will be competing for his job with another vet come training camp. 


Lol, I mean it was clear as day they didn't want to commit to him anymore when they did their year end press conferences.  


Like I said in that thread originally, I think Colts are potential landing spot for Trubisky.  This increases that because I doubt they want to give up more draft capital to get someone like Jimmy G where chatter is it might take a first round pick now after all the QB movement.  They could still make a move for Jimmy G too, but after what they gave up for Wentz and that not working out, I would think signing someone will be more appealing for this season at least.



Bro they literally came out and said he was effectively finished as a Colt. Try to not pat yourself on the back too hard with this “prediction.”

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3 hours ago, Wayne Cubed said:

A football team actually gave up draft picks… again… for Carson Wentz?!?

I had to immediately zing a friend who’s a Washington fan.  Wait a few more days and he’s probably released.  Guess they didn’t want to take the chance that someone else would sign him?  🤪


Did the negotiations go something like this:


Washington GM-  we’d like to make an offer for Wentz.  How about two 3rd round picks.

Indy GM-  DEAL!!

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3 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

Big thing with Wentz is you get a QB that won't turn the ball over. I think that is appealing to Rivera.


Wentz did have low interceptions overall, but he had 2 - 2 INT games and 2- 1 INT games that were all losses


Colts win 2 of those 4 games and they're 11-6 and go to the playoffs



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But Snyder and his crew know more than all of us, right? We’re just randos on a message board. I’m sure it’ll work out as great as the knowledgeable Colts giving up a 1st round pick the year prior. NFL GMs, including Beane, can’t be questioned, or so I heard that here…

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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