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AFCCG - Bengals @ Chiefs


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1 minute ago, buffblue said:

This is crazy to me. Cincy fans are pretty bad, always have been. Not the most deserving bunch, despite how awful the Bengals have often been.


They finally win a playoff game after 30 years, and now they're all the way in the Super Bowl in the same season? Screw them. They had an inordinate amount of luck, from the whistle td against LV to drawing Ryan Tannehill as the 4 seed



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3 minutes ago, Real McNasty said:

Damn, watching this and the 2nd half turn by the Bengals on D has me more and more pissed with Fraziers stupid ass game plan last week. 




if we don’t fire Frazier now we are really stupid. KC can be stopped.  Fraziers scared D cant

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And I wonder how CIN keeps beating KC , the way McDermott explained it that KC was a few years ahead of us building there franchise. Then how can CIN keep beating them because there even further behind us 🤔

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