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AFCCG - Bengals @ Chiefs


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Just now, Stank_Nasty said:

Was there not a massively blatant block in the back right there as mahomes rolled out? 

No..at the line of scrimmage there's no such thing as block in the back 



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The only way to beat the Chiefs is with a high scoring offense (for the most part).  If the Bengals don't start getting some TDs this one will be over by half-time.  There really isn't much you can do to the Chiefs on D.  If you get pressure on Mahomes he scrambles or buys time and someone breaks open for a big play.  If you blitz he will tear you up.  You really just have to focus on putting up 40+ on them.

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2 minutes ago, PetermansRedemption said:

Anyone else see the Bengals DE get tackled? Literally tackled. No holding call. 

It’s unreal. The NFL has turned into the NBA. 

“Let them play.” Is a garbage excuse, you’re coached a certain way to play within the rules. Holding happens on every play, and sometimes you can’t help it. But tackling a defender who is the process of making a play has always been holding. Except when it’s against the current darlings of the league. 

Im sure the gamblers are thrilled with the score. 

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