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AFCCG - Bengals @ Chiefs


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2 minutes ago, Rock-A-Bye Beasley said:

Exactly. I heard radio guys and podcast guys say the bengals haven’t been there yet, they need to earn it and take another step each year. That’s just not the case, and people will forget it’s wrong and say the same thing about the chargers next year maybe.

Also, McDermott has cost us greatly in every single playoff loss. 

He’s held us back with his conservative defense

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16 minutes ago, loveorhatembillsfan4life said:

Chiefs kingdom is going to be great.. 



Like Mike Wilbon says about the Chiefs:


”A dynasty of one.”

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Just now, FrenchConnection said:

Bengals are going to be a dynasty. Going to the SB with 50 million in cap space this off season. 

Yep there only going to get better, Buffalo better be watching KC isn’t the only one we got to get pass 

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