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1/16/22 - Around the NFL - NFL Super Wildcard Weekend 8:15 PM ET - Steelers @ the Chiefs


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4 minutes ago, Best Williams Available said:

KC corners hands all over receivers. Ours have to be ready for that.

McDermott better be all over the refs in pregame about KC’s hold/dare to throw a flag style. 

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1 minute ago, billsherd said:

Chiefs are playing very tight or "sticky" coverage. Hopefully we have plan to beat that 

Alot easier to do that against Pittsburgh than us. This time our top 3 WRs aren't limping into the game.

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4 minutes ago, LOVEMESOMEBILLS said:


 Really? You keep posting the same junk all night. Contrary to your fears we had the #1 defense in total yards, passing defense, #3 in takeaways and wait for it......#1 in points allowed. The first 2 we led by wide margins. Not to mention our offense finishing 5th overall in total yards, #3 in points scored and led the league in point differential. Not to mention we have the most physically gifted QB to ever play in the NFL.


 Maybe you were aware of these facts, maybe you weren't. Either way you should start acting accordingly.

i would cut him some slack. Just your normal pre-game stress! 

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7 minutes ago, CEN-CAL17 said:

I hope the the talk is, Buffalo can’t go into KC and win….. add that on top of we are underdogs 


FN KC acts entitled and that pisses me off!!!

Trust me that’s all we'll hear this week. They’ll great out earlier matchup like it never happened and only bring up last years regular season game and the AFCC game. It’ll be just like last year leading up to the playoff game against the Ravens……all the talk was about LJ and that Ravens defense.

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1 minute ago, Best Williams Available said:

The key to stopping this team is pressure on Mahomes and/or taking Kelce out. Without Kelce the Chiefs can’t sustain drives.

Ya I don't get Pitts game plan.


It seems like they are trying to get too exotic with some of their looks and by doing that champ Kelce and Hill are hurting them.


Got to take at one of those guys away.




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