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Chiefs v Broncos (Eagles v Cowboys page 23)

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Just now, Nitro said:

Kelce makes contact and it becomes a PI on defense.  That has to change.

I really thought the flag was going against them. Idk anymore....

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6 minutes ago, Evian said:

The Broncos win.  Browns beat Bengals. Bills win. = Bills #2 seed.


Crazy thing, Titans lose their opening playoff game AND we could get





The weather threads will be epic!

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I don't want to hear about Allen's 3 picks two of which were tipped.  Mahomes has thrown 2 easy picks only to see both INT's dropped.  Meanwhile half of Allen's INT's are made by defensive players fully extending their body's and making finger tip catches 4 inches off the turf.



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2 minutes ago, CorkScrewHill said:

Can the Bengals flip Burrow from Out to playing if this game goes against the Chiefs

Thet could but it’s not that important to them I believe. As keepin burrow healthy against mayfield less browns. Unlikely Keenan will beat bengals. 2 or 3 seed nota great diff to risk burrow. We win , they lose , they still stay 3 seed. Chiefs drop to 4 th I believe I saw. Just going by scenarios I have seen.   However, so many , it’s still confusing. 

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