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12/19/21 Gameday Bills vs Panthers Second Half Thread

Hapless Bills Fan

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Just now, Big C said:

Feel like we should have saved that play for another time.

That’s the most common pass play in that situation.   If the team sells out against the run, it’s there… if not, Josh runs for it.   Not much mystery there. 

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5 minutes ago, BillsFan130 said:

Ok... so because your winning that means you're out playing a team? Lol. That's an extremely shallow way of looking at it.


It was 270-267 yards by Carolina when I wrote that and they were driving



The Bills at this point have more than double the points as the Panthers. Are they still getting out-played!?

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1 minute ago, Hermes said:

To say that the Bills are getting rocked by the Panthers would be silly. There's certainly levels to how out-playing a team looks, if anything it's been an even game with the Bills showing they have more talent on the score board. 


The Panthers had the #1 passing defense and #2 overall defense coming into the game. On that basis we did "ok".

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2 minutes ago, bigduke6 said:

he plays solid,  have to cut down on the flags tho.    im much happier with the O Line when hes playing tho.     

Guy also thrown into LT (where he didnt play in college either) against top 3 defense... lets not forget its not like he is getting much LG help either.

No he didnt have a good game... but considering a third round raw rookie, im not going to be mad

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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