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Does Anyone Else Find The Pinto Ron Tailgate to Be A Little Gross?


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This may be a hot but I gotta say it.  Does anyone else get grossed out by the Pinto Ron Tailgate activities?  

I love the compassion and enthusiasm loyal that crew has for the Bills and Kenny himself is somewhat of an NFL celebrity fan and apparently a very nice guy.  But man, all of the stuff they serve looks completely unsanitary.  

The bowling ball shots (which he recently stopped doing) was the absolute worst.  Putting your lips on a greasy communal bowling ball and ingesting the grossness inside the folder….UGH.  I was shocked to people do this last January during the playoffs.  

Then they are doing things like grilling food with dirty rusty garden tools on the old pinto engine.  Even worse when grass in hammers is muddy. Not really dangerous but completely unappetizing.  

Then of course the ketchup and mustard thing.  It’s completely random but I don’t have a problem with the tradition just as long as I’m not the one getting sprayed.

Nothing against anyone who participates in this, I just think it’s pretty gross and a little bizarre and wondering if anyone felt the same way?  I’ll share some photos below:






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Just now, BillsPride12 said:

Posts like this are proof society has gotten way too soft in modern times.

Maybe it’s just me then… 

1 minute ago, No Place To Hyde said:

I always felt the ketchup and mustard thing was odd. Any self respecting Buffalo fan should use bleu cheese and wing sauce🤷🏻‍♂️

😂 Blue cheese and wing sauce actually would make more sense!

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2 minutes ago, Brennan Huff said:

It’s definitely weird and completely unnecessary 

They are having a fun so I don’t mind that but it just seems extraordinarily unsanitary and kind of gross 

1 minute ago, jimmy10 said:

I look at it like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of people like to do it and have fun, but I have zero desire to be part of it myself. 

Good call 👍🏻

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I don't think this would be following the science (so don't try this because you saw it here), but anyone that has partaken a shot from that bowling ball probably has some kind of natural immunity from Covid, HIV, and the measles because of it.  Oh crap, am I gonna get banned for this take?  Son of a.

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As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I can emphatically say: yes, Pinto Ron and his co-conspirators are gross.  All sorts of food safety rules are being violated!


But as an old soldier, I can tell you I've done worse.  Once I had dozens of gnats drown in the army slop I was served as my only meal of the day.  Too many to pick out, I ate the gnats too.  


Another time, we were having a ceremony where various vile nonalcoholic and alcoholic liquids - each representing something from our glorious military past (the blood of fallen comrades, the mud of the Ardennes, etc) - were poured into an old boot.  We passed that old boot around and each heartily helped ourselves to a slug!


In my eyes, tradition is more important than sanitation.  If I'm really lucky, one day before I die I'll be honored with a drink from Pinto's bowling ball while being showered with ketchup and mustard.

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