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Madrid wants to organize an NFL game at the new Bernabéu before 2025

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17 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


I would have expected the Dolphins to be top of the UK list, although can understand why Dallas are. Of the Channel 4 generation I come across Miami and Chicago are the two most commonly supported, so them being #2 and #3 feels right to me. Jacksonville at #18 still feels instinctively a little low to me but then I am based in London and most of the NFL fans I know, speak to, converse with.... other than those on this board.... are based in London where I suspect the Jags would rank much higher and it is said, on many issues, that we live in a bubble separate from the rest of the UK so that probably shouldn't be a surprise. Equally unsurprisingly when you sort by age on the sidebar, the Jags are in the top 10 (9th) among millennials whereas they rank 21st most popular among boomers and 22nd among Gen X. As I said earlier I suspect most of the Jags UK fans are 35 and under and live in London and the South East. 

In the last one I saw I think they were 12 or 13th which seems about right.


The Raiders are a bit low too at 20th. I'd have them borderline top 10.


I'd be interested to see a poll of teams by negative opinions. Aside from the obvious Cowboys and Patriots I think the Jaguars would be pretty high, I sense increasing amounts of dislike of the media Jaguars hype train and the atmosphere at London Jaguars games has definitely turned against them in recent fixtures, they are attracting fans, but also turning neutral against them

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Can the Bills have Spanish cheerleaders for that game? Please?

That thing looks like my mother's Sunbeam electric frying pan, circa 1965. 🤔

Can we send a more competent team than the Jags to exhibit our sport to unfamiliar international audiences, ferchris'ssake. 

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