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Bills speed leader board in OTAs

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2 hours ago, Rochesterfan said:

It also depends upon the player - watching the highlights - several times Diggs makes a catch and then continues to accelerate and run to the end zone.  Watching Sanders - he makes a move and catches the ball and then almost immediately was slowing down - almost like I am saving myself.


You also really saw the speed on the deep throws where Josh led Diggs into the end zone.


You don’t see the same type of action from the DBs.


I love that the Bills collect and use this data.  Wish more was shared, but I can only imagine how tight they want to control everything.

I think Sanders slowing down in practice after a catch is something we want from old guys who we need for 20+ games.

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Radar gun must’ve missed Justin Zimmer.

What is this a measure of?   Time in a drill? MPH reached? Number of hot dogs eaten in 5 min?

Josh hit 20.6 MPH on his TD run against the Vikings as a rookie.

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3 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


It's one of the aspects where a number of people commented that Diggs changed the whole atmosphere at the Bills training camp and in practice last year - that he practices full speed and always goes hard, and it leveled up the rest of the WR corps just to keep up with him.  You can see how intense Diggs is with everything he does, from little things like where he's evidently catching easy balls on the sideline to warm up - so he does it standing on one foot then the other.


I'm intending no criticism of Sanders here as it's early days and his job right now is to learn the playbook and get his timing down with Josh.




3 hours ago, Shaw66 said:

Diggs is a quite interesting animal.  And I think Beasley is much the same.   They are all about getting better, every day.  

The McBeane Bills have a really tight rein on information.  Nothing goes public until someone in charge says it can go public.   

Months ago on the show “First things first” Brandon Marshall went into detail about how Diggs has come to Marshalls facilities in the offseason to train with other wr’s and he said anytime he’s there the whole feel

of the workouts change. He explained he can quite literally lead and carry a whole practice amongst pro’s. Very impressive. 

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41 minutes ago, BigAl2526 said:

Isaiah McKenzie is slower than Isaiah Hodgins and Tanner Gentry?  Come on McKenzie.  You can do better.


Haha it's measurements during one practice session.  But I loved the twitter response asking if McKenzie was on one leg.


I thought Tanner Gentry was actually supposed to be pretty fast though.  He wasn't invited to the NFL Combine but somewhere it got into interviews and is being quoted he ran a 4.4 40

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4 hours ago, AmishRifle said:

Lenoir rhymes with out the door.  Not cool in my opinion.


Lenoir rhymes with Gabe Davis speed *****


haha denied! no bones allowed

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On 6/3/2021 at 4:37 PM, YoloinOhio said:


But, but, but I thought Hyde was losing a step.  Some knucklehead wrote that during the season.  Notice how he is faster than Diggs, Davis, Dane Jackson and so on.


That was fun to see Yolo.

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