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What’s the official must have paperwork to attend the home opener ?

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5 hours ago, Teddy KGB said:

Anyone have the details  ? 

Papers with Benjamin’s on them!  

wishing you luck  keep those terrible towels out of there!  


It is BLUE cross / Blue shield stadium so black & gold wearers  WILL need immunization records for COVID, influenza, tetanus, hepatitis , and a recent mini mental status exam or Montreal cognitive ( actually done in Montreal!) exam prior to admission as this is a risky environment for substance abuse ( home fans exempt related to known genetic tolerance) , depression, and post game PTSD!  ( just an FYI /psa Steelers fans, I am taking appointments now in Florida to begin the screening process, cash only as BC/BS  reimbursement rates are unacceptably low and slow! ). 😊😇


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They explicitly state that if you're vaccinated, you are protected.  That's it.  That's the statement.  Those who aren't are accepting the risk, just like those who don't get a flu shot.  We don't ban

You need a note from your mommy.  

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Nothing the ‘KGB’ ever instigates in social circles ends well. Hidden, silenced and poison counterpoints including incarcerations always ensue. 🤦‍♂️

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