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I just bought a ticket to opening day!

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I moved to Florida in the pandemic, Just booked an Airbnb for my friends to come visit and go to the Bills vs Tampa game. Hopefully the December 12th leak is on point..if not i have 48 hours to cancel. Hopefully its the 12th though

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I heard the games are going to be blacked out for people who aren't vaccinated.  Hope I'm wrong...

Even though they say that sales won't start until 8 tonight, I was able to buy a ticket through Ticketmaster this morning.   You can go to the Bills website, go to schedule, then hit ticket purch

No, I'm not vaccinated and I don't plan on getting it either. That's why I called them to find out about the policy 

3 hours ago, Albany,n.y. said:

I started this thread so that people who wanted tickets know that they are already on sale for the opener.  It was not intended to become a debate over vaccinations.  


At least no one is mask debating.

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There were some pricing errors on Ticketmaster - for NE and Washington field level sideline seats were $99 each, even mid field.  I had a pair for Washington in my basket but didn’t click through when I saw the error as I didn’t want to have to deal

with it if they corrected the error later.  I wasn’t planning to buy anyways, just comparing the game by game prices to my total cost for seasons.

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3 minutes ago, thronethinker said:

I got 3 for Pitts game, I’m feeling lite in the wallet now. By far the most I have paid for a single game ticket. 

I’m in Canada so I hope I can go, but it’s going to be so emotional to be in a full stadium for the bills.  Money well spent.

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1 hour ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

These ticket prices to the opener are ridiculous. And I think they are only going to go up given all the Steelers’ fans too that will easily travel. 



It's why I went right to week 3 vs WFT

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