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Could Perdue’s WR Rondale Moore be a good future successor to Beasley?

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17 hours ago, gonzo1105 said:

I prefer Elijah Moore if we’re taking a slot WR at 30. I think we are going to end up with a WR/RB at 30 just because that is where the value is unless someone unexpected slips

I like both Elijah seems like the safer pick with less of a ceiling but a higher floor then Rondale. RM is the boom or bust prospect out of the 2.

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Seems like a better replacement for Marquise Goodwin. Fast, always hurt and inactive 

Perdue’s?  He sounds like a chicken.

We wouldn’t need to replace him if Josh stopped hanging him out to dry 3-4 times a game. I’ll be shocked if he makes it all the way through next season.

Toney has a similar athletic profile as Moore.  Toney is 6 ft 200 pds.  Not that height/weight/speed is the end all be all but he is a bigger human bigger target.  I like the idea of drafting someone with speed outside and can do some of the jet sweep stuff.  In a year or 2 have the rookie and Davis outside and move Diggs into the slot.  

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8 hours ago, TheBeaneBandit said:

WR is a strong position for maybe one more year. You reload, or else next year you have to pay 15M a year to replace Sanders, which we probably do not have. You draft a WR and keep this train rolling.


What?  You are kidding right.

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