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2020 Bills v 2021 Bills Roster Changes

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1 hour ago, P Riv said:

I like the consistency of a good/great roster.  However, where did we improve our coverage of TE's?  Against the run?  Our running game?  2021 will be a totally different season and its nor realistic to expect 13-3 is our floor and things will go according to plan with us in the Conf Championship.  We have a great offensive cast, but no depth other than QB.  We need to be able to grind it out with a tough running game if we need to.  That wasn't there last year and its not been addressed.  

I think most teams would kill for our WR and OLine depth.  Not even figuring in a draft pick or 2 upcoming. 

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2 hours ago, ChevyVanMiller said:

The OP needs to update. Many additions since the last one.


2 hours ago, JOE IN HAMPTON ROADS said:

this needs a bump.  not sure mods wont pin.

Can we pin this. I just updated it which I had not done since it fell so far off the main board. 

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On 3/29/2021 at 11:44 AM, Chuck Schick said:

I think most teams would kill for our WR and OLine depth.  Not even figuring in a draft pick or 2 upcoming. 

Your're right and draft will def be BPA making us even stronger. 


OP, you could even add Isaiah Hodgins as he was lost last year due to injury his rookie season. Even more depth at the WR position incoming @ 6'4".


"Hodgins was the center of attention for the Oregon State offense (you may be sensing a trend in these players the Bills have drafted). He finished his junior campaign with 86 receptions for 1171 yards and 13 touchdowns. That’s an impressive 13.6 yards per reception. Hodgins’s tape is littered with unbelievable receptions featuring freaky body control and strong hands. I am of the opinion that he takes the spot for the absolute best hands in this 2020 Draft class."


I can't wait to see this kid playing.

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Based on the changes so for you have to think Bills are going big on defense in the draft. My new mock:


1) Edge: Still on the board are Rousseau, Phillips, Owusu-Koramoah, Paye, Ojulari


CB: Still on the board are Campbell, Farley, Joseph

or may surprise

TE: One the board is Friermuth


The pick is Phillips


2) Whatever you didnt do in round 1 at Edge or CB. If any of those guys drop you grab them or based on Phillips in round 1. 


CB: On the board are Newsome, Robinson, Stokes, Adebo, Melifonwu, Samuel Jr, Molden


The pick is Newsome


3) TE 

On the board is Jordan, Tremble, Yeboah


The pick is Jordan


5) DT

On the board is McNeil, Tupulotu, Wilson, Graham, Jones


The pick is McNeil


5) LB

On the board is Wallow, Britt, Borland, Fisher, Fields


The pick is Britt


6) DB

On the board is R Williams, Washington, Deablo, Wiggins, T Thompson


The pick is Wiggins


7) WR

On the board is Rodgers, Darby, C Johnson, Strachan


The pick is Strachan


There you have it: Phillips on the Edge, Newsome added to the fight for CB2, Jordan competing for TE1, McNeil in the DL rotation, Britt on special and run packages, Wiggins on special and potential dime packages, Strachan a camp superstar and likely PS guy with potential. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 4:03 PM, chongli said:

Bojo better be re-signed. He is an excellent punter, and punters are relatively cheap for the good they can do in regards to field position (and consistent ball holding for kickers). We don't need the added headache of his loss.

Matt Haack when he runs into chongli


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