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Bills re-sign Feliciano

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Of course we did.  LOL. 


Coach McD:  Hey Brandon.  We went 15-4.  Any roster changes next year?


Beane:  Well, I guess John Brown might have aged himself out of the contract.  Just make sure to have a better game plan in the AFC Championship game next year and we should be good.

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6 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


I have this same concern.  Although we haven't yet brought back Boettger (though I'm told we want to).



And I'm OK With That!

Did we even practice running the ball last season? I recall lots of rushing plays in blow out wins, but was it really even a serious effort?

1 minute ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

To be honest Beane didn't really do anything spectacular in terms of the cap. What he did do is keep the team together. I think many people thought he'd let those players walk to improve pass rush, TE, and CB. 


Now is the hard part. How does he make the team better? That's going to take some cap manipulation. 


To be honest, what the hell are you talking about? He convinced 5 plus players to take pay cuts/restructure. Then chopped off fat from the roster BEFORE approaching UFAs. Then he convinced these guys to not even try the market.
To your 2nd ‘Easy Part’, the OL in the final month plus playoffs were different from the 1st 2/3rds of the season. They are just getting down their cohesion. Ditto a reconstructed DL with FAs and Draft picks who didn’t have a training camp, minicamp or preseason. 

To NOT expect improvement is to have no clue what’s going on. juss sayin’

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14 minutes ago, SCBills said:

we know Beane wasn’t thrilled with the running game, so where are we going to address that?


Don't listen to what Beane says, watch what he does. He tried to sign Leveon Bell this past season. He knows the RB room needs an upgrade. I trust him to find one.

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3 minutes ago, HappyDays said:


Because we had very good pass protection and that matters a lot more. We weren't ever going to build an offensive line capable of turning Singletary or Moss into an RB1. If the Bills want to improve the running game they'll draft a RB with speed and vision.

I didn’t believe it a few weeks ago, but now with all our resignings, I’m starting to believe the mock drafts that have Buffalo going RB round 1. It’s starting to feel that way. 

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Posted (edited)
25 minutes ago, wvbillsfan said:

For a team that couldn’t run the ball I don’t see how bringing back our entire offensive line is a good thing. 

A lot of their struggles was scheme and commitment. Every single RB averaged over 4 yards per carry. 


Singletary looked completely different from his rookie year. Not much changed personnel wise. They did have a lot more injuries to the OL. Beane mentioned that Ford - Morse - Feliciano didn't play 1 snap together all year. 

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14 minutes ago, SydneyBillsFan said:

He comes across as a great team guy and at worst is a good back-up centre and guard. He got pushed around a bit by the Chiefs DL but I still think he is good enough moving forward.


I am glad he stayed in Buffalo.

I think the fact that he does indeed add noteworthy depth at center is a big part of this. It increases draft flexibility. And if Morse goes down he is a solid replacement.

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In my head, I said to myself “if this is what he can do with a low salary cap, I can’t wait to see what Beane can do with the one that is coming with the big TV deals”. Then, I quickly self corrected by remembering Josh. Still a fantastic job of keeping the three most key, imho, FA’s in the fold.

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32 minutes ago, BuffaloBills1998 said:

I stand corrected, I thought because of his tweets that he was going to be a goner. Good to see him come back, I wonder if we’re going to be players in FA though?? At least get one big time pass rusher.

I don't know what his 2021 cap hit is but I think they had 10 million ( top 51) available before signing him. Probably leaves just enough to sign draft picks . Could still cut Lee Smith and restructure a couple contracts.

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I am honestly in shock we were able to resign everyone. Don't know how Beane does it. 


With that said, going into next year with the exact same o line and defensive front 7 doesn't seem like a great strategy to me. This team needed upgrades this off-season, not to just bring the same team back. We were not close to being able to beat the chiefs or the bucs. 


Having spent almost all of our money before free agency, Beane really needs to nail the upcoming draft. 

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